Radio Jockey (RJ) as Career option in India: Let’s Explore

The mass media industry is one of the most popular and rapidly growing fields. It has been one of the major attractions to young aspiring people. There

Radio Jockey (RJ) as Career option in India -

Radio Jockey (RJ) as Career option in India –

are so many great careers that this arena holds for them. One such amazing career is that of a Radio Jockey or RJ. In case you wish to become a RJ and require information on the same, help is here. Discussed below are all of the important aspects of a career as a Radio Jockey (RJ) in India that you may find helpful:

Radio Jockey (RJ) Job Profile

 The chief job of a person working as a Radio is to keep their audience entertained by interacting with them, playing their favorite music, holding quiz and contests, etc. over radio. Certain skill set required for the job of a RJ includes ability to think impromptu; great communication skills; excellent presentation skills; brilliant knowledge about movies, music and world; ability to deal with a variety of people; original and creative; etc.As you gain experience and move up the ladder of your career, you will go up the levels to the job. With new levels will come, new roles, responsibilities and opportunities.

Career Scope of Radio Jockey (RJ)

 The career as a Radio Jockey has a lot of scope. There are so many new music channels and radio channels opening up, the requirement for RJ is also on the rise. There are jobs in private sector as well as with government organizations. Not only are the prospects very good, but the job is also quite high paying. There is a lot of scope for professional growth and development in this arena.

Salary Range: Radio Jockeys (RJs)

 The salary earned by a person working as a RJ tends to get affected by certain factors such as their skillset, what is their past work experience, the company that recruits them, the level at which they are working, whether they are employed by a government or a private sector organization, etc. However, on average, a RJ in India earns a pay package of INR 6 to 7 Lacs per annum.

Education Qualification: Requirements to become Radio Jockey (RJ)

 Any field in the mass media sector requires education, expertise and training that is relevant to it. The career of a Radio Jockey is no different. If you wish to become a Radio Jockey, you will have to acquire at least a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media. An equivalent certificate and diploma course can also be considered. One can also pursue internships while completing their education so as to gain some practical experience and exposure of the field before actually entering it. With higher qualification and some experience, one can explore great work opportunities in this field.

Best College/ Institute to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree

 There are many great educational institutes, academies and universities in the country that are offering great courses to those who wish to pursue the career of a Radio Jockey. Some of these reputed and well established institutes that one must consider to obtain their qualification diploma degree from have been enlisted below:

  • Indian Film and Television Institute
  • Xavier’s Institute of Communication
  • Academy of Broadcasting
  • M.D.I. Encompass Institute of Radio Management
  • Media and Film Institute of India
  • Academy of Radio Management
  • Ali’s Academy of Radio and Television
  • University of Mumbai
April 24, 2015