Career in Web Designing and Graphics

Computer and Internet industry has grown so rapidly in the last decade. The need to make oneself or one’s business present over web has given rise to many new careers. One such promising career is in the field of Web Designing. If you wish to pursue a career in Web Designing and need information on the same, then you must read on. Below are all important aspects of Web Designer career in India that you may find useful:

Career Profile of Web Designer

 The main job of a web designer is to manage all the aspects involved in designing a website. For this purpose, they have to interact with the clients, assess what are their needs and requirements and then design a website accordingly. The Web Designer has to design the layout of the webpages, determine the technical requirements, create a backup of all essential files, update the website design whenever required. A Web Designer should have a keen eye for detail. He/she must also have brilliant analytical and logical thinking skills, ability to manage multiple tasks, proactive thinking, etc.

Different Career Options in Web Designing and Graphics

The career in web designing has different options in it. These career options are basically the different levels to the post at which a person may be hired. Also, one can choose to work either in the practical field of web designing or go into research. No matter which career option you choose, you will get to explore many good prospects.

Career Scope: Is Web Designing a good Career?

The scope of a career in the field of web designing is very vast. With the advancement in internet and animation arena, web designers and Graphics artists are a lot in demand. The industry is brimming with amazing job prospects and work opportunities.  The jobs in web designing career as lucrative and brings with a scope for professional growth and development as well.

Salary Range in Web Designing and Graphics

 The salary earned by a person working as a Web Designer tends to get affected by certain factors such as their qualification, what is their past work experience, the company that recruits them, etc. However, on average, a Web Designer in India earns a pay package of INR 1.8 to 5 Lacs per annum.

Education Qualifications and Skills required for becoming a Web Designer

 The career in web designing is very technical and professional. A person interested to make a career in this field will have to acquire education and expertise relevant to it. The minimum education qualification required in order to apply for an entry level job as a Web designer is a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Graphic Designing, Web Designing or another related field. One can also look forward to higher qualification, such as Master’s degree or certificate and diploma courses to enhance their chances of better placements. Internships can also be taken up to gain experience before actually entering the field. It will make one more skilled and competent. Also, it provides a better understanding of the field. One must have good creative skills

Best College/ Institute to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in Web/Graphics Designing

 The country has so many great colleges and educational institutes that are offering quality courses in the field of Web Designing. Enlisted below are some such institutes that you must consider to acquire your qualification diploma degree from:

  • Zee Institute of Creative Art
  • Arena Animation
  • ACE Animation and Multimedia
  • Saraswati Institute of Animation
  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics
  • Animaster
  • MORPH Academy
March 27, 2015