Career in Hotel Management in India: Everything Explained

 Hotel Management is one of the fastest growing field and a booming career option for those interested in it. Thanks to the rapidly increasing hospitality and tourism industry, the number of hotels are rising and so is the demand for efficient Hotel Management staff. Career profile in hotel management broadly includes anticipating and addressing the problems of the customers; dealing with their complaints, suggestions and feedback; ensuring that their needs are well taken care of and that they get to enjoy a nice and comfortable stay; etc. Behind any successful hotel is its effective hotel management staff.

Different Career Options in Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a wide field that encompasses a number of career options that a candidate can consider getting into. A person wishing to make a career in this field can consider the career options of being a part of:

  • the work management team,
  • sales and marketing,
  • front office operations,
  • accounting,
  • food and beverage service,
  • housekeeping among many other options.

The roles and job responsibilities vary depending on the career option you select. It is always good to analyze your interest and personality traits to determine the most suitable career option for yourself in Hotel Management.


Career Scope in Hotel Management

 The scope in the field of Hotel Management is immense because of a wide array of career options within it as well as due to the ever expanding nature of hospitality industry. If you are planning to make a career in Hotel Management, you will find a range of exciting and satisfying job opportunities. The industry has been attracting a lot of young talent. Since the salary that the industry has to offer is also really good, the field of Hotel Management is rising in the eyes of many as a glowing career option. The field of Hotel Management has a bright future ahead.

Salary Range in Hotel Management

The average salary range in Hotel Management varies depending on the department they are working in, their level of job in that department, their work experience etc. The average pay package of a General Manager is INR 15 lacs  to 20 lacs per annum; that of a Deputy Manager is between INR 3 lacs to 5 lacs per annum; that of a Food & Beverage Manager is INR 6.24 Lacs to 7.5 Lacs per annum; that of an Executive Housekeeper is INR 2 Lacs to 4 Lacs per annum; etc. It is quite a good paying industry to work in.

Educational Qualification to have a Career in Hotel Management

Since the field of Hotel Management is wide and a number of personnel at different levels are required to work, the educational qualification also varies depending on the post and job at which the person is employed. However, in general, the major personnel involved in Hotel Management are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality/ Hotel Management. Having a Master’s degree increase job prospects and brings in better opportunities. The Hotel Management staff must have certain skill set which generally includes good communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team, handle administrative work, etc.

Best College/ Institutes to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree:

 There are many educational institutes and colleges that offer courses and diploma degree that a person can acquire in order to make a career in the field of Hotel Management. Some of the best universities/ colleges/ institutes offering qualification diploma degree or training in hotel management have been enlisted bellow:

  • Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad)
  • Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development (Delhi)
  • Christ College (Bangalore)
  • Delhi Institute of Hotel Management (New Delhi)
  • Rizvi College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (Mumbai)
  • AmbedkarInstitute of Hotel Management (Chandigarh)
February 22, 2015