Career in Horticulture Science in India

The career profile of a professional working in the field of horticulture science tends to vary depending on their job and respective area of specialization. However, their basic task is to choose and care for shrubs, trees and plants in both public as well as private areas. They have to identify the sick ones and treat them. They also work for the conservation of the environment and its natural flora. Most of their work is outdoor. It is quite physically demanding. The field of Horticulture Science offers you the opportunity to either work independently or as a part of a team.

Career Options in Horticulture Science:

The field of Horticulture Science has a lot of options within it. Hence, for someone interested in this field, there is some variety to choose from when it comes to the specialization they wish to do or the level of work they wish to get involved in. Some of the career options within Horticulture Science includes Assistant Horticulture Inspector, District Horticulture Officer, Horticulture Scientist, etc. Every career option brings with it its set of job duties, responsibilities, opportunities and challenges. If is wise to explore different options early in your career and then settle down in the one that you find the most suitable for yourself.

Career Scope of Horticulture Science:

The scope in the field of Horticulture Science is immense. There are so many different areas and levels of jobs that a professional can consider in this field. Horticulture specialists tend to work with municipal governments, landscapers, in greenhouses, farms, schools and even golf courses. Though the work is physically demanding, it is very satisfying too. With the concern towards environment rising like never before, the field of Horticulture has a bright future ahead. This career has been attracting a lot of young talent.

Salary Range in Horticulture Science:

The average pay package for a person in the field of Horticulture Science varies depending on certain factors, such as their job in the field, their professional qualifications and prior work experience, their area of specialization, the region in which they are working, whether they work in the private or the public sector, etc. The average salary of a fresher in this field is generally 1.5 Lacs per annum; that of an Assistant Horticulture Inspector is INR 2 Lacs per annum; that of a District Horticulture Officer is INR 2.4 Lacs per annum and that of a Horticulture Scientist is INR 3 to 5 Lacs per annum.Most of these will be Govt. Jobs so apart from salary other things such as job security and other perks will be there.

Educational Qualification required for a Career in Horticulture:

The field of Horticulture science requires specialized knowledge of the area. Thus, if someone wishes to make a career in this field, they need to have, at least, a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture Science or a related field. A Post graduate degree is useful if you wish to widen your job prospects and avail better career opportunities. Certification is also required in this career. A certain skill set is also beneficial for the people wishing to get employed in Horticulture science. This includes ability to operate landscaping equipment and tools, basic computing skills, communication and interpersonal skills, etc.

College/ Institutes to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in Horticulture Science:

There are many educational institutes and colleges that offer courses and diploma degree that a person can acquire in order to make a career in the field of Horticulture Science. Some of the best universities/ colleges/ institutes offering qualification diploma degree in Horticulture Science or related fields have been enlisted bellow:

  • Institute of Life Sciences, School of Science & Technology, Ahmedabad University
  • Department of Horticulture and Floriculture Management, Sikkim University
  • Department of Horticulture, Hemwati Nandan BahugunaGarhwal University
  • Department of Horticulture, Nagaland University
  • School of Earth Sciences & Natural Resources Management, Mizoram University
November 5, 2014