Career in Film Making : Explained

Film Industry is one of the most competitive industries in the media. But it cannot be denied that it is also filled with countless, great and lucrative

Career in Film Making - Explained -

Career in Film Making – Explained –

job opportunities and careers. One of the most promising careers in this field is that in Film Making. If you wish to pursue a career in Film Making and need information on the same, then you must read on. Discussed below are all important aspects of a career as a Film Maker in India:

Job Profile of Film Maker

 The chief duties that are fulfilled by a professional working as a Film Maker is to handle and oversee all film production processes right from script writing, casting, managing schedules, direction, action, editing to marketing. They make decisions regarding the locations, raising the funds, finishing the project within the given deadline, creating promotional strategies, etc. Certain skills set is very essential for this job. One must have good creative, communication and interpersonal skills, ability to manage people, keen eye for detail, ability to handle stress, ability to multitask, etc.

Different Career Options in Film Making

The field of Film Making has different career options within it. These career options are generally in the sense of different genres in which a person may wish to settle, such as comedy, action, thriller, sci-fi, etc. One can also choose between making commercial movies, art movies or documentaries. However, there is no hard and fast rule to settle for one genre or kind of cinema. Another aspect is the different levels to the post of a Film Maker, such as trainees, assistants and chief.

Career Scope in Movie Making

 The scope of a career of a Film Maker is quite huge. With mass media becoming greatly popular and movies becoming the biggest source of entertaining, creating social awareness and spreading messages to the masses, the future of this field is bright and promising. The field of Film Making is brimming with jobs and opportunities. One can also look forward to internships and training programs early in their career to hone their skills and become more competent as a professional. Film Making is a very lucrative career option.

Salary Range in Film Making

 The salary earned by a professional working as a Film Maker is greatly influenced by the kind of work experience they have, their past record, the production house that hires them, the budget of the film and such factors. However, on average, a Film Maker in India earns a pay package of INR 5 to 10 Lacs per film. Most of film makers have share in the profit of film.

Education Qualification and skills required to become a Film Maker

The field of Film Making is very professional and precise. Thus, you will need to have education and training that specifically caters to this career. The education qualification required to make an entry into the field of Film Making is Bachelor’s degree in the Art of Film Making/ Mass Media or another relevant course. Higher qualification can also be considered, if you wish to widen your avenues for better work opportunities. However, in a practical field like Film Making, experience is valued more as it teaches you about the trade better and adds to your skills.

Best College/ Institute to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in Film making

 There are so many reputed government and non-government educational institutes in the country that are offering great courses in the art of Film Making to those interested to make a career in this field. Some of the best institutes that one must consider to obtain their qualification diploma degree from have been enlisted as follows:

  • Asian Academy of Film and Television
  • Film and Television Institute of India
  • Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute
  • Whistling Woods International
  • Center for Research in Art of Film and Television
March 27, 2015

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    I m doing my graduation in B.Com & after grad i would like to join any distance learning college in film making, is my decision good for my career??