Career in Civil Services (IAS/PCS): The Best Govt. Jobs

A big segment of the talented youth in the country have started to consider working for the nation as a respectful step. Trend reveals a number of them being attracted to a career in civil services, such as IAS and PCS. A career in Civil Services promises quality exposure, great experience, huge success and a bright future. It is also quite a lucrative choice. If you are one of those who wish to join Civil Services but require essential information on various aspects of this career, then here is some help. Here is the complete information about a career in Civil Services in India.

Career Profile in Civil Services (IAS/PCS) :  India Administrative Services / Provincial Civil Services

 The career profile of a personnel in the field of Civil Services vary depending on the type of service they have chosen. Their job roles and duties are specific to that service. For example, if a person is in IAS, he/she will handle the administrative work which basically involves planning in their district; taking decisions on what actions are to be taken; creating, modifying and supervising plans; policy making and its implementation; monitoring funds of the projects; etc. Different roles and functions are performed by people in IPS, IFS and other Civil Services.

Different Career Options

 Career options within Civil Services are wide. At first, a person needs to decide the type of service in which they wish to make their career. Within each service, personnel are hired at different levels. For instance, there are Junior Officers, Senior Scale, Selection Grade Director, Senior Administrative Grade and Secretary in IAS. For each service, you need to clear a respective national exam. The opportunity of professional growth and development is immense in the field of Civil Services.

Career Scope of Civil Services (IAS/PCS)

 The career scope in Civil Services is huge. Being a government job, it comes with a handsome pay check plus various benefits and perks. It brings job security, job satisfaction, opportunity to travel abroad, prestige and respect, and so much more. A career in Civil Services is not only attractive and ambitious but also very challenging.

Salary Range in Civil Services (IAS/PCS)

 The salary of a personnel in Civil Services varies depending on the type of service they have chosen and the level at which they are working. However, on average, the salary package received by a Junior Officer in IAS is about INR 1.8-4.6 Lacs per annum; and that of a Secretary in IAS is about INR 4.4-8.04 Lacs per annum. They also get a comfortable official accommodation and other additional benefits. Pay and perks are equally good in other services as well.

Educational Qualifications require to Join Civil Services

 If you wish to join Civil Services, you need to sit for the respective national exam of the service in which you want to make your career. For IAS and IPS, the candidate must be a citizen of India. Also, to appear for the exam the candidate must be of or above 21 years of age but below 30.

In order to make a career in Civil Services, you do not require any particular qualification diploma or degree but you need to be at least a graduate with a degree from a recognized educational institute or university. Also, a person will have to sit for a standardized national exam set by UPSC. Only upon clearing the exam can a person apply for a job in civil services. Academic eligibility for different Civil Service exams may vary.

March 3, 2015

  • Gourav Singhi

    Civil services jobs are most prestigious one in India, tell me the most useful websites for civil services aspirants?is there any scope of personal growth also?