Career as an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Lawyer in India

Career as an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Lawyer in India -

Career as an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Lawyer in India –

In the field of Law, there are a number of careers that an interested person can explore and choose to take up. One of the most ‘in-demand’ and flourishing career is that of an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Lawyer. If you wish to make a career as an IPR Lawyer and want information on the same, here is all the help. Discussed below are all imperative aspects about career as an IPR Lawyer in India that you will find helpful.

What does an Intellectual Property (IPR) Lawyer Do?

The chief role of an Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer is to prepare, in written, legal documents relevant to the product whose intellectual rights a company wishes to retain. An IPR Lawyer is thoroughly aware of the Intellectual Property law and regulations. They are also involved in negotiating settlements and presenting the case of their client in case a dispute arises. An IPR Lawyer also handles the legal process of obtaining a patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret. The basic idea behind this is to help protect the client organization’s products and ideas from being used by any other third party.

Different Career Options: For IPR Lawyers

The career options for an IPR Lawyer depend on the post at which a Law firm may place them. Each level has its own set of job roles, duties and responsibilities. The better qualification and work experience you will have, the higher the level of post you can apply for. A candidate who wants to make a career as an IPR Lawyer can also take up internships during their educational period so as to improve their knowledge and experience of the field.

Career Scope in Intellectual Property Rights Law

The career scope in the field of Intellectual Property Law is huge in India because of growing number of cases of property theft, need for getting patents, etc. Every organization, whether at a small scale or large, tends to hire an IPR Lawyer to handle legal matters related to intellectual property. There are a few openings with the governmental organizations too. An IPR Lawyer can either work with a Law firm or be self-employed.

Salary Range of and IPR Lawyer

The salary of an IPR Lawyer may vary depending on factors such as the qualification of the candidate, their licensure, if they have any prior work experience, the law firm that hires them, whether they work in private or public sector, whether they work with a law firm or are self-employed, etc. However, on average, an IPR Lawyer in India receives a salary package of about INR 10 Lacs per annum.

Educational Qualification to become Intellectual Property (IPR) Lawyer

If you aspire to become an IPR Lawyer, you will be required to have specialized education relevant to the field. In order to apply for an entry level job in this career, a candidate needs to have at least a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law. In order qualify for practice, the candidate will also have to pass a standardized national exam to obtain licensure. A candidate can explore great work prospects and employment opportunities with a good qualification from a reputed institute and a license to practice.

Best College/ Institute to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in IPR Law

If you wish to make a career as an IPR Lawyer, you will be able to find many good colleges, universities and educational institutes in India offering courses in Intellectual Property Law. Some of the best universities and institutes for obtaining qualification diploma degree for a job as an IPR Lawyer have been enlisted as follows:

  • Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
  • Christ College of Law
  • Allahabad University
  • National Law University
March 17, 2015