Career as an Editor in India : Everything Explained

A lot of careers have now emerged as serious contenders for a brighter future apart from those in medicine and engineering. One such career is that of an Editor. It is regarded as one of the most successful and popular career option. The job of an Editor requires the personnel to have great written communication skills, excellent understanding of content strategies, grammar and word usage, etc. If you aspire to become an Editor and are looking forward to some important information on the same, here is some help. Discussed below are some essential aspects about career as an Editor in India.

Career Profile of Editor

 The job of an Editor is to carefully go through all the documents and information and ensure that the content is of supreme quality. They are also responsible for assuring that the content is informative, engaging and original. An Editor oversees the appearance and layout of the articles, generate new ideas for the content, manage and oversee the entire writing staff, edit and re-write articles when required, proofread documents, help the writing department to finish work within set deadlines, etc. They also organize meeting between writers and other professionals in the organization to decide on the kind of content that will help uplift the organization’s brand name and image in the mindset of the present and potential clients.

Different Career Options for Editors

The career of an Editor has a lot of options within it. One can go for the job of a Newspaper Editor, Magazine Editor, or for the post of an Editor with an organization’s Public Relations unit, etc. Within the job itself, there are various levels at which an Editor may be hired. If you wish to explore better prospects in this field, you will be required to have higher qualification, prior work experience and good recommendations. The job of an Editor has a lot of scope for professional development.

Scope of Editor’s Career

 The scope of the career as an Editor is immense. With countless newspapers, magazines and publishing houses, the need for Editors is on the rise. A person wishing to make a successful career as an Editor can join internship programs with reputed editing agencies so that with an impressive resume, they can get hold of better permanent jobs. Some of the best organization offering quality employment opportunities to Editors have been enlisted as follows:

  • The Times of India
  • Hindustan Times
  • RPPS
  • India Heritage Foundation
  • Amazon Development Center

Salary Range of an Editor

 The salary of an Editor may differ depending on their qualification, prior work experience, the organization that recruits them, whether they work in private or public sector, whether they work in a full time job or as a freelancer, etc. However, on average, an Editor in India receives a salary package of about INR 3.4-10 Lacs per annum, depending on once experience.

Educational Qualifications to become an Editor

 To become an Editor, you need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree to acquire an entry level job with a good organization. The Bachelor’s degree required in English, Journalism, Communications or some other comparable course. With Master’s degree and specialized diploma courses, one can widen their avenues for better job prospects and work opportunities. It can also get them a higher pay.

Best College/ Institutes to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in Journalism

 If you wish to become an Editor, there are many good colleges, universities and educational institutes from where you can pursue required courses. Some of the finest universities and institutes in India for obtaining qualification diploma degree for this job have been enlisted as follows:

  • Delhi University
  • Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Christ College
  • Carmel College
  • Asian College of Journalism
February 23, 2015