Career as an Accessory Designer : Let’s Explore

A number of new careers are now emerging in India that have been gathering the attention and focus of young, talented and creative individuals. These new careers are no less when it comes to a good pay and secure future. One such career currently enjoying popularity is that of an Accessory Designer. If you wish to pursue a career of an Accessory Designer and need some information on the same to help make a decision, help is here. Discussed below are some of the crucial aspects of a career as an Accessory Designer in India:

Job Description : Accessory Designer

 The job of an Accessory Designer is to create the designs of and the actual accessory products, such as shoes, handbags, belts, scarfs, jewelry, etc. that people can wear along with apparels. A part of their job is to research and study the latest fashion trends in their industry from around the world. To make a successful career, it is important for an Accessory Designer to constantly innovate and come up with new, fresh and creative ideas. An Accessory designer must be good with technology as well.

Different Career Options in Accessory Designing

 There are a lot of career options with the field of Accessory Designing that a person interested in this field can explore and wish to settle in. The different options come in the form of different areas of specialization, such as textile accessories, jewelry, metal accessories, leather accessories, etc. Prospects are quite good in this arena. With good qualification and experience, one can try their hand at different options before settling in one for a long haul.

Career Scope for Accessory Designer

 The scope of a career as an Accessory Designer in India holds a lot of scope and promise. Fashion industry is growing and expanding like never before and talent is being greatly appreciated here. With people becoming more aware of fashion trends, accessories are growing in popularity. The demand for creative, interesting accessories is on the rise. This has increased work opportunities for budding Accessory Designers in the country. There are so many internship and apprenticeship programs available as well. One can make an amazing career in this field.

Salary Range of Accessory Designer

 The salary earned by a professional as an Accessory Designer is greatly influenced by their work experience, the design house that hires them or whether they choose to be self-employed, whether they work as a full time employee or on contract basis and other such factors. However, on average, in starting an Accessory Designer in India earns a pay package of INR 3.5 Lacs per annum.

Education Qualification required to become Accessory Designer

 If you wish to become an Accessory Designer, you will have to acquire education and training that is relevant to this career. The education qualification required to enter this field and apply for any job is a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing/ Accessory Designing/ Merchandizing. Diploma and certificate courses can also be pursued if you wish to get hold of better work opportunities and job prospects. One can also consider internship programs in order to gain experience along with qualification. It will add to their exposure and enhance their competence.

Best College/ Institute to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in Accessory Designing

For those interested to pursue the career of an Accessory Designer, there are many good colleges and educational institutes in the country offering quality courses. Some of the best colleges/ institutes that one must consider to obtain their qualification diploma degree from have been enlisted as follows:

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Pearl Academy
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Fashionista, The School of Fashion Technology
  • Amity Polytechnic for Women

Indian Institute of Gems & Jewelry

March 27, 2015