Career as a Travel Counselor in India

In the past decade or so, a number of new lucrative and successful careers have emerged that have been gaining the attention of

Career as a Travel Counselor in India -

Career as a Travel Counselor in India –

the young, talented individuals across the country. One such career is that of a Travel Counselor. It is one of the most thriving career options to consider because of the growing travel and tourism industry. If you aspire to become a Travel Counselor and need some vital information on the same, here is some help. Discussed below are all important things about career as a Travel Counselor in India.

Career Profile of a Travel Counselor

 The job of a Travel Counselor is to suggest their clients with suitable vacation and travel destinations as per the client’s interests and liking. They handle all the travel work, such as booking tickets, hotel room, rental cars, pick up from airport, etc. Before sending off the client, they provide them with important information regarding the destination, such as the local customs and traditions, conditions, major attractions and tourist hotspots, etc. so that the travelers are well prepared. The Travel Counselor are basically travel agents with many years of experience in the industry. They are certified and well aware of how things work in this field. They can choose to be employed by a corporate organization or they can start up their own business. They are generally hired by premium clients for planning a luxury holiday.

In the beginning of career you may have to assist the Senior personnel by making the arrangements for bookings and ticketing, sitting with the client and disseminating essential information while the Senior simply supervises all these processes.

Career Scope of Travel Counselor

 The scope of the career as a Travel Counselor is immense chiefly because the travel and tourism industry is flouring. People are showing more interest in traveling to different destinations and the travel is no longer being considered as just a ‘break’ from the routine. A travel is now being considered as an opportunity to go to and learn things from and about a whole new place. A person can intern with reputed travel houses to gain sufficient experience and then either settle for a good permanent job or open their own business.

Salary Range of Travel Counselor

 The salary of a Travel Counselor may differ depending on a variety of factors. This includes their qualification, certification, prior work experience, the organization that recruits them, whether they work in private or public sector, whether they are self-employed, etc. However, on average, a Travel Counselor in India receives a salary package of about INR 2.4 Lacs per annum.

Educational Qualifications required to become Travel Counselor

If you are planning to become a Travel Counselor, you need to understand that it is not a crack job that anyone can start. You need to have some education and knowledge about the industry. Thus, the minimum educational qualification required for an entry level job as a Travel Counselor is a Bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism or Hospitality Management. Getting the certification is very crucial. For this the candidate needs to sit for a standard exam. Certification and good qualification can give the person access to better work opportunities.

Best College/ Institutes to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in Travel and Tourism

 If you are aspiring to be a Travel Counselor, you will find many good colleges, universities and educational institutes offering quality degree and diploma courses in this field. Some of the finest universities and institutes in India for obtaining qualification diploma degree for this job include:

  • Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management
  • Kuoni Academy
  • Delhi University
  • Kurukshetra University
  • Institute of Tourism and Future Management
February 23, 2015