Career as a Sports Person in India: How good is that?

Sports have started to be considered as a serious career option in India. Cricket is one such sport that is immensely popular but

Career as a Sports Person in India  How good is that -

Career as a Sports Person in India How good is that –

apart from it, other sports too are now regarded as a career option available for aspiring sports person in the country. Sports is a widely appreciated and respected as a career. If you are looking forward to become a sports person and need some important information on the same, here is some help.

 Discussed below are some essential things about career as a Sports Person in India.

The career profile of a sports person entails that he/she has to practice and take part in competitions held at organizational, state, national or international level to represent their organization, club or country in that particular sport. They are rigorously trained every day and they keep sharpening their skills. A sports person is required to maintain good health and avoid the use of drugs and steroids. Age, fitness, level of achievement and competitiveness of the sports are a few factors that help in determining the length of a sports person’s career.

There are a variety of career options within the field of sports. First and foremost, a person who aspires to become a sports person needs to decide on the particular sport in which they wish to make their career. But the options does not end here. They also need to decide whether they wish to pursue it as an amateur, semi-professional or professional. Depending on these choices, the training is given to the person and the required skill set is brushed. There is a lot of potential in sports as a career. It is one of those career options that offer both professional as well as personal development. It promises great exposure and quality experience.

Career Scope in Sports

 There is a lot of scope in the field of sports. There are countless options that a budding sports person can choose to explore before settling down with a particular sports. The sports person are hired by the government to represent the state or the country at various sports tournaments. Sports person are also hired to train young children in schools and colleges. There are lot of Franchise leagues based tournaments coming in all sport which offer great scope. E.g. IPL in cricket, ISL in football, HIL in Hockey, IPTL in Tennis, IBL in Badminton etc.

They have also the options to go for Govt. jobs as these are offered under sports quota.

Salary Range in Sports

 The salary of a sports person can vary depending on several factors. It may differ depending on the sports they choose; whether they follow the sport as an amateur, semi-professional or professional; whether they are hired by a private club or by the government sports body; etc. The popularity of the sport is another factor that has been influencing the pay of the sports person. While some sports person in particular sports are able to earn an annual income in Crores like in IPL Cricket, some receive it in Lacs or Thousands in other sports legues.

Skills required to become a sports person

A sports person requires regular training in their particular sport on a daily basis. Also, there are some key skills and attributes that are considered essential. These includes high physical fitness, ability to perform under pressure, quick thinking, tactical thinking, high level of dedication and motivation, disciplined nature, ability to work as a team, etc.

If you are aspiring to become a sports person you need to find best training institute and coaches in the sport of your interest.

February 22, 2015