Career as a Fitness Trainer in India: How good is it?

Nowadays people are becoming more and more health conscious. They are taking up decisions to introduce lifestyle changes that can help them achieve and maintain physical fitness. This growing concern has led to a great boost in the health sector. In fact, these days, one of the most thriving fields in the sector of health and rehabilitation is that of Fitness Training. A professional fitness trainer is the personnel in charge of offering fitness assessments. He/she instructs and supervise the individuals or small groups of clients in the fitness center. This career option is becoming a hot favorite with the youth. Many talented individuals are now attracted to this career.

Let us understand more about the career as a fitness trainer.

Career Profile of Fitness Trainer:

The career option of a Fitness Trainer is a great opportunity to enter the health sector. This career is not only lucrative but also quite flexible. You can either choose to be self-employed fitness trainer or take up a job with some good fitness company. A Fitness Trainer interacts with clients on one-to-one basis as well as in small groups. Their chief role is to evaluate the overall health of the client in order to determine, create and execute fitness plans to achieve desire fitness goals. They supervise their clients in using exercising equipment, doing various specific exercises, etc. A fitness trainer can choose to specialize in a specific form of fitness as well, for instance yoga. This field allows you to either take up full-time work or work on freelance basis.

Companies hiring Fitness Trainers:

 The jobs prospects and career opportunities are great in this field. There are big as well as small companies that are hiring professional Fitness Trainers for their fitness studios and gyms. Some of the best hiring companies for Fitness Trainers have been enlisted as follows:

Vivafit India

Aggni Solutions

Vajra Health and Fitness

Just Fitness

Combat Kinetics

Elixir Fitness Studio

Kognet Solutions

Waves Gym

Educational Requirements to become Fitness Trainer:

In order to make a successful career in the field of Fitness Training, you need specialized education in the areas of physical education, physiology, rehabilitation, nutrition and kinesthetic. After gaining the essential formal education, the candidate can sit for an exam to acquire certification. Certification opens up better job prospects and greater opportunities. With good qualifications, certification and some experience, you can get hold of some of the best jobs in the field.

Degree/Diploma Courses in Fitness Training:

 There are many colleges, universities, institutes and academies that are offering some of the best degree as well as diploma courses in fitness training. Some of the courses available have been enlisted as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education
  • Bachelor’s degree in Yoga & Naturopathy
  • Master’s degree in Physical Education
  • Nike Aerobics Course (professional course)
  • Reebok Instructor Certification progamme (professional course)
  • Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy

Institutes offering courses in Fitness Training:

There are many reputed education institutes and colleges in India that offer quality courses in the field of Fitness Training. Some of these popular institutes have been enlisted as follows:

  • HVPM, Amravati
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical education & Sports Sciences, Delhi
  • Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Kariavattom
  • SAI, Netaji Subhas National Institute Of Sports, Patiala
  • Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam Trust, Coimbatore
  • Indian Academyof Fitness Training, Mangalore
  • GFFI FitnessAcademy, Delhi

Salary of Fitness Trainer:

The salary of a fitness trainer may vary depending on several factors, such as whether they are self-employed or hired by a company, whether they work in the public or the private sector, the kind of experience they have, their qualification and certification, etc. However, on an average, a Fitness Trainer in India receives a pay package of about INR 1.2 to 5.72 Lacs per annum.


November 24, 2014