Career as a Criminologist in India : Everything Explained!

There is a lot of buzz related to emerging careers in a variety of fields. Forensics is one such industry. One of the most popular and hottest career in this industry is that of a Criminologist. If you aspire to become a Criminologist and wish to acquire some essential information on it as a career, here is some

Career as a Criminologist in India

Career as a Criminologist in India

help. Discussed below are some important things about career as a Criminologist that you may find useful.

Career Profile of Criminologist:

The job of a Criminologist is to gather the essential evidence from the crime scene and then analyze it to make deductions that can help in solving the crime. They also study, determine and analyze the patterns of crime and criminals on the basis of social, psychological and biographical variables. They also engage in research to determine why the person committed that crime. A criminologist helps law enforcement bodies in assessing potential criminals as well. It is quite a challenging job.

Different Career Options in Criminology

There are a few career options in the career of a Criminologist that an interested candidate can explore depending on their personal ability and interest. Some Criminologist work only at the crime scene, while others work only in the laboratories. They may also work only as consultants or take up the job of a professor. Within each job too, there are generally different levels at which the personnel is hired. This level of post determines their individual job duties and responsibilities. To explore great options, it is advisable to have high qualification and a license to practice. Such factors open ways to better job prospects and opportunities. One can also look forwards to internship offers during their educational period to enhance their experience of the field.

Career Scope in Criminology

There is immense scope in the career of a Criminologist. With the crime rate on the rise and the astounding number of cases which remain unsolved, there is a definite high need for professionals with expertise in the field to resolve the situation to whatever degree possible. There are governmental as well as private agencies who hire criminologists. A criminologist can also be self-employed.

Salary Range of Criminologist

The salary of a Criminologist may differ depending on their qualification, licensure, prior work experience, the company that hires them, whether they work in private or public sector and other such factors. However, on average, a Criminologist in India receives a salary package of about INR 3-5 Lacs per annum. Whereas in Western countries such as US and Canada it has high demand and salary range is $35000 – $60000 per annum.

Educational Qualification required to become Criminologist

If you aspire to become a Criminologist, you will have to acquire specialized education relevant to the field. To qualify for an entry level job, you need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree or, in some cases, Master’s degree in Criminology, Psychology, Sociology or any other related course. You can also choose to pursue Doctoral degree. The better qualification you will have, the better prospects you will get to explore. You will also come across better employment opportunities and work. It can also fetch you a higher pay check. Apart from good educational background, you need to sit for a national exam in order to obtain the license for practice.

Best College/ Institute to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in Criminology

If you want to become a Criminologist, you will find many reputed colleges, universities and educational institutes in India offering quality courses relevant to the career. Some of the finest universities and institutes for obtaining qualification diploma degree for a job as a Criminologist have been enlisted as follows:

  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Lucknow University
  • University of Madras
  • Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute Of Criminology And Forensic Science, New Delhi
March 12, 2015

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    Is a criminologist become a Psychologist or a psychopathy specialist? What are different areas of specialization in criminology.