Career as a Ceramic Technologist: Let’s Explore!

These days, there are countless careers open for the individuals to select from depending on their personal abilities, interests and capabilities. One rare but good career option is that of a Ceramic Technologist. It is a skilled job that requires specialized education in the field of Ceramic Technology. If you wish to make a career as a Ceramic Technologist and want some essential information regarding the same, here is some help. Discussed below are a few vital aspects of a career as a Ceramic Technologist:

Career Profile of Ceramic Technologist

 The job of a Ceramic Technologist depends a lot on the industry in which they work. The chief job is to deal with the work related to the ceramic materials in their organization. For instance, if hired in a Dental industry, he/she will work on creating ceramic dentures. A ceramic technologist is also responsible for the research and development as well as quality control of ceramics and ceramic products. They study the physical and chemical properties and structure of ceramic. They also help in devising new ways to test ceramic quality.

Different Career Options in Ceramic Technology

 There are many career options that a person interested in becoming a Ceramic Technologist can choose to explore. One can either go in research and development or some specific industry, such as Dental, Potter, Building materials, Heat resistant materials, electric and electric components, etc. With a job as well, a company may hire Ceramic Technologists at different levels. Thus, there are good prospects in the field. One can get to explore even better options with a good qualification and prior work experience.

Career Scope of a Ceramic Technologist

 The scope of a career as a Ceramic Technologist has a lot of scope for growth and development. With advancement in technology of different materials, newer products are being created. Industries from both public sector as well as private sector hire Ceramic Technologists for their various ceramic related work. A person can always look forward to internship and apprenticeship opportunities. Some of the top recruiting companies for Ceramic Technologists in India have been discussed as follows:

  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Finolex Industries Ltd.
  • TCR Engineering Services
  • Rishabh Micro Precision Components Pvt. Ltd

Salary Range of a Ceramic Technologist

 The salary of a Ceramic Technologist may differ depending on their qualification, prior work experience, the organization hiring the personnel, whether they work in private sector or public sector, etc. However, on average, a Ceramic Technologist in India receives a salary package of about INR 4.7 Lacs per annum.

Educational Qualification to Become a Ceramic Technologist

 To become a Ceramic Technologist, a person needs to have education specific to this field. For a stronger base, a person can opt for science in their 12th class after which they can go on to obtain a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in the relevant course. The minimum educational qualification required for an entry level job as a Ceramic Technologist is a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Technology or Ceramic Engineering. However, with higher qualification, such as a Master’s degree, a candidate can get to explore better work opportunities and job prospects.

Best College/ Institute to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree

 If you are aspiring to be a Ceramic Technologist, you will find many good colleges, universities and educational institutes offering quality courses in the relevant stream. Some of the best universities and institutes in India for obtaining qualification diploma degree for the job of a Ceramic Technologist have been enlisted as follows:

  • College of Ceramic Technology
  • Indian Institute of Ceramics
  • University College of Science & Technology
  • Benaras Hindu University, Institute of Technology
  • Regional Engineering College
  • PDA College of Engineering
  • Anna University, Allagappa College of Technology
March 16, 2015