A Career in Investment Banking: All you want to know!

If you are aiming to have a career in invest banking, you are on the right track. Investment Banks are concerned with the task of helping corporate companies and government agencies in the purchasing of securities, manage the financial assets, provide financial advice and trade securities. Some of the top investment banks include – JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and others. They certainly provide a bright career to the ideal candidate who gets selected to work with the esteemed corporate companies.

Job Profiles of an Investment Banker

Underwriting Jobs:  The primary task involves helping the banks raise capital. This function comes under the underwriting department. The bankers in this department specialize in equity or debt. Traditionally, this field is controlled and managed by the investment bank over the past years but universal banks have now prepared the balance sheet to gain the market share of rival company in debt underwriting. Underwriters are expected to work for long working hours.

The Investment Banking Analyst:  Eligibility for the position of an investment banking analyst include an undergraduate degree in

A Career in Investment Banking All you want to know - 100Careers.com

A Career in Investment Banking All you want to know – 100Careers.com

the course. After the tenure of two years of completion in the course, top performing candidates are offered the chance to stay in the company and the most successful analysts are promoted for the job position of an investment banking associate. The work include preparing the presentations, the important task of analysis and administrative. The investment bankers invest a lot of time in the successful presentation of their proposals and business plans. The analytical work includes preparation of financial models. Annual salary of a financial banking analyst may range between INR 891,667 at an esteemed company like JP Morgan.

The Investment Banking Associate: The associates are usually recruited from major business schools with an MBA degree in hand. One can also get promoted to this position after successfully completing a decent tenure in the company. In addition to the task given to an analyst, the investment associate is given the responsibility of acting as a mediator between the junior and senior bankers and to work with the clients.

The Senior Banker:  Senior Bankers are given the task of maintaining and building relationships with the employees and potential clients. They come from a diverse background with years of experience in the field of investment banking and corporate executive management. The senior bankers are very well familiar with the growing opportunities and obstacles that the bank faces.  Their job is marked by knowledge and years of experience in the field. They are the pillars supporting the investment banks from economic hurdles. It is a prestigious position where the individual enjoys respect and suggestions from the juniors in the workplace.

How can you get an Investment Banking Job?

It is important to have good academic backgrounds which will open doors to your placement opportunities with good investment banking companies. Graduation or Post Graduation in subjects such as Finance, Accounting or Business is required to become an investment banker. MBA in Finance/Accounting would be most common choice to become investment banker. The student will have to score good marks to get the opportunity to enter good college or reputed firms. Competition is severe in the field and the companies strictly go by merits and interview selection process to hire the candidates.       Therefore, if you wish to pursue a career in the investment banking sector it is best advised to perform exceptionally well in school and college. Prior to that, the doors will automatically open. You can go for internship and training programs with acclaimed companies and work towards building a good profile of your own. You must also work in researching about the job opportunities opened in various companies and the package they are offering to the potential candidate. All it all, in an age of extreme competition, it is very important to maintain a resume which calls for an exceptional and stand out quality of an individual.

What Does it Takes to become a successful Investment Banker

To conclude, the job opportunities and pay scale in the field of investment banking is lucrative. However, the eligible candidate should be able to work for long hours.  The job is marked by fierce competition and it can be difficult for the individuals to keep up the spirit in the profession which calls for extreme dedication and hard work. However, nothing tastes like success. If you wish to pursue a career in investment banking then you must devote all your energy to get what you deserve.

December 9, 2014

  • Vinod Rathi

    Is there any job security as Investment banker ?? Because survive in investment banking ,much less to do well, you’ll need to like the work itself. work can be tedious at lower level.