A Career in Gems & Jewellery Making in India

With a vast variety of career opportunities now available to the talented young population of the country, there is a lot to consider before choosing one. One career that is very promising in terms of the pay it brings, the level of creativity it demands and the opportunities it hold is that in the field of Gems and Jewellery Making. If you desire to make a career in the Gem and Jewellery Making arena and need some information about the same, then you must read on. Discussed below are some crucial aspects of a career as a Gems and Jewellery Maker in India:

Career Profile:  Gems & Jewellery Making

 The chief job role of a person working in the industry of Gems and Jewellery Making is to deal with variety of gems and metals to create beautiful pieces of various kinds of Jewellery, ranging from ear rings, rings, bracelets, anklets to bangles and elaborate necklaces. They need to have thorough understanding of the nature and temperament of these various gems and metals. Fashion sense, creativity, keen eye for detail, finesse are a few skills mandatory for this job.

Different Career Options:

The career options can be either in the form of the different levels to the job or on the basis of particular class of gems or metals that a gem and Jewellery maker may wish to work with. However, it is not too rigid. The field offers flexibility with experience.

Career Scope: Gems and Jewellery making Jobs

The career in the industry of Gems and Jewellery Making holds a lot of scope and potential. With the industry flourishing like never before, many Jewellery stores and manufacturers are opening up. There is an incredible demand for artisans who can make beautiful, delicate and creatively designed gems and Jewellery. The job brings decent pay for new crafters while highly skilled and experienced person in the field can earn a very handsome pay. There is a lot of potential for development in this industry.

Salary Range: Gems & Jewellery Making

 The salary earned by a person working as a Gems and Jewellery Maker is influenced by factors such as their work experience, the company that hires them, whether the company is in private or public sector, the level at which there are employed, etc. However, on average, a Gems and Jewellery Maker in India earns a pay package of INR 2.4 Lacs per annum.

Education Qualification:  Courses in Gems and Jewellery Making

 The field of Gems and Jewellery Making is very precise and refined. Thus, to make a career in this industry, you will need to have training specific to the field. There is no set education qualification criteria for a job in this field. However, Certificate courses in Jewellery Making can be considered while vocational training in the field is quite necessary. An interested person can also look forward to apprenticeship programs. It will provide them with a better insight into the field, provide experience and help make an entry in the industry. In a field like Gems and Jewellery Making, experience and creativity can open doors to better and more lucrative job prospects and work opportunities. Though certification is not necessary, but it is a valuable addition.

Best College/ Institute offering courses: in Gems and Jewellery Making

If you wish to pursue the career of a Gem and Jewellery Maker, then you will find many reputed, well established education institutes that are offering quality courses for the same. Some of these institutes that you should consider to obtain your qualification diploma degree from have been enlisted below:

  • Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery
  • Indian Diamond Institute
  • K. Diamonds Institute of Gems and Jewellery
  • Harison’s Delhi Gem & Jewellery Institute
  • Deccan Institute of Gem & Jewellery
April 28, 2015