A Career in Acting in India : Decoded

Our country is brimming with a variety of careers and work opportunities. One of the most thriving and widespread industry is the film Industry or

A Career in Acting in India - 100Careers.com

A Career in Acting in India – 100Careers.com

Bollywood. It has amazing job prospects and careers to offer. One of the most rewarding careers offered by this industry is that of an Actor. If you desire to make a career in the Acting arena and need information about the same, then you must read on. Discussed below are all crucial aspects of a career as an Actor in India:

Career Profile of an Actor

 The chief role of an actor is to play the role of a character assigned to him/her. Acting is a very competitive field. Apart from the acting prowess, an actor is also expected to maintain a good physique and persona. There are certain skills that are very essential for an actor to possess, such as the ability to absorb a role, be expressive not just verbally but also via body language, brilliant interpersonal and communicational skills, creativity, etc.

Different Career Options in Acting (Films and TV)

 There are certain career options available in the field of Acting. However, these career options are not rigid. One can move from one to another as per their personal decision. Various career options are in terms of the genres of the film that one can choose to stay in, such as action, romantic, comedy, thriller, sci-fi, etc. Options may also be available in the form of type of projects, such as documentaries, short films, art cinema and commercial cinema and TV serials.

Career Scope: Acting Career in Bollywood and TV Industry

 The scope of a career in Bollywood Acting is immense. There is a lot of potential in this field. With actors trying their hands at different genres and directors turning films into a media of not just mass entertainment but also as a medium to spread social awareness, Acting as a career holds a lot of promise. Also, it cannot be denied that Acting is one of the most flourishing and lucrative career in the present scenario. This field brings with itself a lot of scope for growth and development as a professional as well as a person.

Salary Range in Acting

The salary of a professional working as an Actor is quite varied. The pay they receive depends mostly on the basis of the budget of the project that they do. One more factor that may influence the salary is the popularity of the actor. Whether they are doing a commercial project/ art project/ documentary also tends to affect the pay of an actor. The pay of an actor may vary from a few Lacs to 4-5 Crores per project.

Education Qualification: Acting Courses in India

The field of acting is very professional and refined. However, there is no set criteria for education qualification to enter this field. However, certificate courses or training in the craft can be considered valuable. Courses and degrees in Acting, Performance Arts and such related fields is what an interested person can look forward to. Such courses contribute a lot in developing and honing the major as well as minor skills required to deliver a great performance.

Best Acting Training institutes in India

If you aspire to make a career in the field of acting and wish to pursue an Acting course, you will come across many well established, reputed and credible academies and educational institutes where you can apply. Some of these academies and institutes from where you can obtain a degree have been enlisted as follows:

  • National School of Drama
  • Film and Television Institute India
  • K. Film and Media Academy
  • Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares
  • Whistling Woods International
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television
April 29, 2015