A Career as HR Manager: One of the Best Jobs!

Career Profile of HR Manager 

Working as a Human Resource (HR) Manager involves handling the career development of the work force, employee relations, grievance and disciplinary

A Career as HR Manager One of the Best Jobs! - 100Carees.com

A Career as HR Manager One of the Best Jobs! – 100Carees.com

issues, compensation and benefits, recruitment, redundancies, training, industrial relations, compliance, etc. It also involves keeping a track of areas which change often, such as employment law.There are two types of Human Resource (HR) managers namely Generalists and Specialists. Medium and small sized companies often hire Generalists whereas Specialists often are hired by major multinationals. Generalist Human Resource (HR) managers deal with a large range of HR activities and Specialists on the other hand deals in a particular field, for example, employee or recruitment relations, development and learning.


Career Path of HR manager 

 The career as an HR Manager bring with it wide avenues and prospects. As an early recruit, it is easier for a candidate to choose between Generalist and Specialist fields, after gaining some initial experience. It is better to explore the fields early in your career, i.e. a recruit can explore all the possibilities by switching between these fields and get a broader view of the industry.HR Manager career path is as follows:

Asst. Manager / Manager – HR

Associate Director / Director) – HR

A.V.P.(Associate Vice President) / V.P. – HR

Head – H.R.


Career Scope of HR Manager

Because of its pay, job security, benefit to society, personal satisfaction and future growth, Human Resource (HR) manager is ranked consistently as one of the best jobs. Human Resource (HR) managers are required in both medium and small scale firms as well as large multinationals. Top organizations for such jobs are Ernst & Young, Watson Wyatt (Part of Tower Watson), Mercer, Deloitte, Aon (Merged with Hewitt) and PwC consulting. These were also the top 5 revenue generating firms.


Salary Range of HR Manager

Human Resource (HR) manager usually get to enjoy a handsome pay package because of the work they specialize in. Average salary of a Human Resource (HR) manager is INR 5.9-10 Lacs per annum. Salaries vary for different fields of Specialists as every field has different requirements and work. Generalists, on the other hand, tend to receive slightly low salary than Specialists.


Educational Qualification of HR Manager 

To become a Human Resource (HR) manager, a Bachelor’s degree is must. Some of the high-level positions also require a Master’s degree. Human Resource (HR) managers usually MBA in Human Resource Management. Other areas of study can also be of use if they involve some coursework of human resources. Additionally, a certification of training or internship completed during the bachelor’s degree program or any certified individual is also preferred by some employers. Strong managerial, decision making and interpersonal skills and good personality are of much use in this field. Human Resource (HR) managers use spreadsheet and human resource management software, time-tracking and payroll, etc. Hence, these extra skills are also crucial. These bachelor’s and master’s degree programs can be completed through business school or a management department of some reputed university or college.


Best College/Institutes to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in HR 

There are about 3000 Business schools in India offering courses that can be considered by potential HR managers. However, it is always good to go by the top institutes/ colleges. Thus, some of the finest institutes in India have been enlisted below:

  • Indian Institute of Management (All IIMs)
  • Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
  • Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi.
November 30, 2014