Top 10 universities in USA

Top 10 universities in USA -

Top 10 universities in USA –

United States is considered one of the most resourceful and authentic hubs of education and training on various subjects by the world class educationists and students. This is the reason why the country has always been the favorite destination of learners seeking in depth knowledge and cognition. Almost all states of USA have one or more universities offering a wide array of study programs to international students. Most of the universities offer large scholarships to deserving students which can be availed by communicating with the authority as well as scoring well in the required tests. Students can enroll for graduation, post graduation, PhD and post doctorate studies in the universities.

Here is a list of 10 best universities in USA which pull a lot of international students every year:


 1.) Harvard University: The Harvard University usually ranks at the top of American universities list. The University possesses yearly endowment worth $35 billion which no other University in the world possesses. Students are offered state-of-the-art resources and high end faculty. Students belonging to the middle income group can avail free tuition facilities. The University offers full and partial scholarships to International students who are able to suffice the admission criteria of Harvard.


2.) Columbia University: Columbia University is located in a perfectly urban setting at the upper Manhattan area. The University offers extensive graduation study programs on a wide assortment of subjects. It houses almost 25,000 students and two third of them are pursuing graduate studies.  The University has world class education on offer and recently it has received more acclaim as America best university than Harvard.


3.) Dartmouth University: Dartmouth University has its quaint campus located in a town of New Hampshire. It offers quality education with abundant curricular activities and features a liberal atmosphere for students.


4.) Cornell University: The Cornell University is located at the most beautiful region in the Finger Lake area of NYC. It serene atmosphere is often adored by Foreign students.  The agricultural study offered by the university is a part of State School Systems.


5.) Duke University: The Duke is located at Durham in North Carolina State. The university is known for its quality of education and also for producing highest number of MDs and PhDs. It is also included in the ‘research triangle’ with North Carolina State University and UNC Chapel Hill.


6.) Princeton University: The Princeton University is one of the strongest contenders of Harvard when it comes to securing the best rank in National ranking of all US universities. The University has a large 500 acres campus which is just an hour’s drive from Philadelphia and NYC.


7.) Pennsylvania University: The prestigious Pennsylvania University was established by Benjamin Franklin and it is located in West Pennsylvania. The bustling campus houses almost 12,000 graduates and equal number of post graduate students.


8.) Stanford University: Stanford University offers world class teaching, training and research facilities to its students and hence it is considered the best institute in the west coast area. The Spanish architecture of the University building and its quaint Californian climate are added attractions to students.


9.) Yale University: Yale University is another high end university that remains close to the top of the list of best US universities. It receives endowment worth $ 15 billion and the student and faculty ration here is 6:1 which helps the students acquire best education and support.   


10.)  Brown University: The Brown University is one of the most liberal institutes that allow the students to carve their own study plan using the open curriculum facility. The university focuses more on undergraduate studies. It is a short drive away from Boston.


Certainly there are other great universities in USA; however these are the 10 best institutes popularly sought after by international and native students.

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