Top 10 Military Schools for Girls in US

The United States is the most sought after destinations, for those who seek to get the best of education. For the girl child, military education is very important. A military education will not only inculcate the good habits and discipline, but it will also teach the girls to protect themselves from threats and other harmful elements.

Here’s a list of the top 10 military schools for Girls.

1. Academy of the Holy Family:

Found in 1847, this military boarding school is a small girls boarding school ,which is chiefly operated by the Congregation of the Sister of Charity of Our Lady,Mother of the Church. The school inculcates Catholic faith and values among the students.Tuition fees is around $19,531.

2. Annie Wright Schools:

An oldest military boarding institution in the West, the school has the reputation of educating smart and independent young women.Situated in a close proximity to both Seattle and Mt, the school’s year tuition fees is around $45,870. The school is also known to be active in various extra-curricular activities like Creative Writing, Debating,Orchestra.

3. The Bishop Strachan School:

This is a reputed and premier school for girls across North America. The school has the reputation of being 140 years old. The boarding school also offers a wide range of advanced placement opportunities. The school has the enrollment capacity of over 900 students and the tuition fees include $51,470 (which is to be donated in Canadian dollars).

4. Branksome Hall:

Established in 1903, Branksome Hall is a leading international school. The school includes over 880 students with 62 resident students from more than 20 countries. The yearly tuition fees include $51,530.Located in Atlanta, the school’s objective remains is to inspire girls and make them a good leader in whatever field they choose to pursue in life.

5. Chatham Hall:

This school offers a strict and rigorous environment for education. It has rich extra-curricular program with a huge 362 acre campus spread for the girls to undertake sporting activities. The yearly tuition fees include $45,000.

6. Dana Hall School:

Founded in 1881, this school for young women is located near Boston. The school prepares the girl child for excellence in academic and enrollment to reputed colleges across the world. The school provides the environment for both self-development and education. Yearly tuition fees include $54,980.

7. Emma Willard School:

At Emma, the idea is to realize the enormous potential and the power of being a girl. This military boarding school has beautiful classrooms, athletic courts,science labs.Founded in 1814, the school has a capacity of 337 students and the yearly tuition fees for day students include $51,410.

8. Garrison Forest School:

The boarding school’s primary objective is to prepare the girls for the college education. The school is known for its excellence in teaching administration,beautiful campus and a diverse range of activities which enables girls to care and build a better society.The school was built in 1910 and it has the enrollment capacity of over 298 students. Yearly tuition fees include $48,200.

9. Miss Porter’s School:

Founded by the educator and life long scholar Miss Sarah Porter, this boarding school is for girls from grade 9 to 12. The school is located in the center of Farmington,Conn. The school is known to offer a diverse kind of experiences for the overall development of the child. With its capacity of over 306 students, hailing from over 23 states and representing 28 countries, the school trains the women to become bold, learned, ethical and resourceful citizens. The yearly tuition fees include $50,455.

10. St.Margaret’s School:

Located along the banks of the river Rappahannock, this school is a small girl’s boarding school which is founded in the Episcopal tradition. The campus is home to young women from various countries across the world. The campus is also known by the name of the church school. The school’s objective is to train the girls where they embrace themselves as individuals and push them to challenge and change the world. The school has the capacity of 125 students. The yearly tuition fees include $44,500. The school was founded in 1921. It offers a boarding school as well as the college preparatory program.

These are the top 10 military boarding schools across the United States. You can wish to send your girl child in these old and reputed schools. The military education of the boarding school will instill some wonderful characteristics among the girl child. She will learn to be independent, thoughtful,caring and above all a great personality to live a life of her choice. She will learn to live with a diverse range of people from across the world. The boarding school will direct her to live a life of high principles.

August 5, 2014