Top 10 Highest paying Jobs in Canada!

Canada is a country of immense opportunities. But to get the right career path, it is important to understand the pro’s and con’s of working in a country like Canada. Evidently, money speaks. So here’s a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Canada, which will help you take a firm decision towards making a better career.


Financial Administrator:

Top 10 Highest paying Jobs in Canada -

Top 10 Highest paying Jobs in Canada –

Financial administrator work in the field of finance. Experience and knowledge is prior in the field which comes from getting a degree in finance from a good university apart from working in a corporate for years. The job entails financial planning, auditing and conducting risk analysis. Salary can range from $102,000 to $190,000 per year.

Oil and Gas drilling supervisor:

The oil and gas industry has had a strong hold in Canada over the past years. There are rig supervisors who work with two or three crews which operate oil and look after the gas drilling rigs around the clock. Experience is more important in this field than the educational background. Annually rig managers can make an income of about $1,75,000 to $250,000.

Human Resource Manager:

The job of the HR manager is tedious. It concerns with managing an organization, working on their payrolls and working on strategic ways for the benefit of the organization. They occupy a prominent position in public institutions, universities and government houses. Salaries of the HR manager can range from $32,000 in small firms to $150,000 in big firms. Post secondary education is compulsory for the position of an HR. Normally, individuals with an MBA degree are asked to apply for the job or the individuals who have years of experience in the company.

Primary Production Manager:

They manage the Canada’s resource companies, they maintain and look after the safety and quality control in order to meet the target of the production. They are required to deal with extremely complicated machines and equipments which are loaded with dozens of front-line resources. Experience in both operational and technical front is a must to get a job in the field. Most of the production managers have a suitable degree in the field of engineering,case of forestry, forest sciences and gain number of experience before getting a job in the field. Median salary may range upto $110,240.


Health Care Manager:

The job in the health sector is always in demand. There are old age people, new born babies and ailing people that need to be taken care of. To qualify for such a job, a degree in the field of science from a recognized college institution is required. Salary can range between $85,000 to $105,00 per annum.


Medical Supervisor/ Head nurse:

Canada is in constant need of nurse who could take care of the medical hospitals, the management team and look after the patients. The usual standard to apply for the course include four years of nursing degree,followed by a clinical experience and management training. Salaries range from $85,000 to $105,000, depending on the work profile and the hospital name.


In Canada, the legal profession is undergoing major changes. There are a lot number of students in the field of law. The profession is lucrative if you have an established name in the market. Law students are taking up the traditional law degree along with major degrees like MBA, to be able to apply to big corporates as potential lawyers. According to the sources, a fresher in the field of law can make a money of about $66,000 per annum. Specialization is the course can earn a rewarding career, especially with those with specialization in corporate law and litigation where employment rates are high.

Public Administration Director:

These are a class of administrators that handle the work of the government. They manage the elections,maintain good relations with different levels of government and look after the proper functioning of the legislature. In order to qualify for this position, it is important to have a bachelor’s degree in public policy or law. But in order to reach and occupy the highest position in bureaucracy, you need to have years of experience in the field of government jobs. Median salary is around $97,074.


Correctional Services Manager:

If you are aiming to be a manager in community services, you need to have a graduate or a diploma/ degree to occupy the job. Moving into the management sector, requires a lot of experience. Starting off as a social worker can gradually help get the offer as a service manager. Median salary include $67,600.

Electrical and Telecommunication Contractor:

To be eligible for this job, strong math skills is a must. So educational background from the field of engineering or mathematics is preferred. Job is offered after suitable years of apprenticeship in the field. The contractor can earn upto $70,000 $80,000 per annum.


These are the top 10 suitable jobs available for people in Canada. Work towards your goal and get your desired job and live a wonderful life.

August 4, 2014