Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in USA

United States is a country of opportunities. For those aiming for job security and better employment options , government jobs can ideally be a good option. Working for the government has benefits of getting various perks and pensions as well as the honor and respect of serving for the public service.

Here’s a list of Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in USA.


Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in USA -

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in USA –


Astronomers gain knowledge and experience in the field of mathematics and physics. The job entails them to research about the universe. They collect data related to the planets,stars, moon and other objects using computer programs and telescopes. They develop scientific theories and also write various research proposals. Astronomers work mostly for the federal government and NASA , can get an avg. annual salary of around $116,702 or more.


There are many positions opened in the field of law where the lawyers can work for the government and earn good money. Lawyers who wish to work with the federal government have to draft and interpret regulations of the government,counsel and give suggestions to the federal employers and work on the policies of the government.

Financial Manager:

The financial manager looks after the overseas reports of the government, implement cash management policies for the federal,state and local government. They also look after the investment activities of the government. Duties are varied. Some of the job posts involve that of a controller, treasurer,auditor, inspector control,chief financial officer. The job postings are many and the annual salary is $101,022.


Employment opportunities are opened to candidates who hold a Ph.D degree in the field of economics. The budding economist can study the role of the government in conducting various economic policies, advising them for growth and improvement measures to be undertaken in the field of economics. They study the effects of budget,tax cuts, deficits and welfare policies. Annual salary is around $94,098.

Computer Scientist:

The computer scientists have job prospects in the field to work as researchers, scientists, inventors and theorists. The job calls for high level of commitment with the ability to handle various database management system and determine various ways to store and organize the data which is very important for the government. Annual salary of a computer scientist could be at around $90,929.


Competition is tough in the field to occupy a suitable government job as a chemist. Job prospects are in the field of manufacturing and chemical industries. However, those with a Ph.D can enjoy better job prospects and opportunities. The job entails the chemist to be well-versed with the computers to analyze the data in the various biotechnological and pharmaceutical firms. Annual salary is around $89,954.

Criminal Investigator:

The job is risky but the crime branch prepares the aspiring criminal investigators with lots of qualities which can prepare them for the post. Criminal Investigators often work for the government. The applicants should have prior experience in one of the ares like the military, insurance,enforcement or other intelligence jobs. Annual salary is around $88,174.

Microbiologist :

The job profile of a microbiologist requires him/her to specialize in the field of environment,agriculture,food and other areas such as virology,industrial microbiology. The government organizations also offer internship programs in the field. Job prospects are high with an annual salary of $87,206.


To be an established architect in the field, one must have a qualified degree as an architect from a good school of architecture. Reputed architects are hired to work in various government projects. Job prospects are high in the field as various projects related to housing and construction keep coming from time to time. Annual salary is around $85,960.


 Librarian :

To be a well qualified librarian, one must have a master’s degree in the field of library science to apply for jobs related to the position of a librarian in a government organization. Annual salary is around $78,665 for a well-qualified post of a librarian in an esteemed library.

Job prospects are many in the field of the government. Here’s a quick information about the government jobs.

Government Jobs – Things that you must know

  • There are many applicants trying to get the government jobs. If you fulfill some of the criteria mentioned in the job posting then the chances are a lot better. The job prospects are plenty but it is very important to have good amount of educational qualification and years of experience in the professional world.
  • Federal jobs are plenty in the field of administration, health care, education and infrastructure. One can also look into jobs in departments related to IT, Intelligence experts,grant managers and others. Job options are plenty but what’s important is, to make a rational and wise decision to stick to a job which is according to your skill and potential.


There are various perks which are associated with the job of the public service. Working for the government can entail a professional to enjoy various kinds of benefits related to health,insurance, saving policies and others. Working hours are somewhat fixed. Life is simple and organized.

June 23, 2014