Psychology Jobs and Career options : Complete List !

Psychology Jobs and Career options -

Psychology Jobs and Career options –

Psychology is no doubt an interesting field of study. Jobs in Psychology are also many. It is exciting, inspiring,complex and relates to the lifestyle of everyday human beings. However, due to the tough competition existing in the market, an interest in a certain field of study is not enough. To pursue a career with a psychology degree or to become a certified psychologist, an individual needs to have degrees in hand along with hands on training. Since, this field deals with human minds, a psychologist needs to be efficient and well trained to put his/her shoes in to the role of a psychologist. The role of psychologist also differs from one sector to another. A psychologist working in school will have different set of clientele than those working in a clinical environment. Below are the list of psychology careers options that interested and aspiring psychologist can pursue to make a bright career.


Career Counselling:  

Career counseling is a relatively new field of study. Many are seen to opt for this particular branch of study and make a career out of it. The question that comes first to our minds is “What exactly is the profile of a career counselor? How do they help individuals and make a living out of it?” Well, to answer it in simple terms, one can say that the job of a career counselor is to dig into the psychology of individual using tools so as to understand the passion, inclination and aptitude of the person. Once that is done, describing the perfect career option is not a difficult task at all. The secondary level of work for career counselors comes into play when they acts as a hand of support for job aspirants helping them in finding vacancies, building their resumes and helping them for the day of interview. For few individuals, who are going through mental stress due to occupation related inconsistencies, career counselors also help in getting the person understand his or her worth and start life afresh.


School psychologist:

The role of a school psychologist is an interesting profile. The career option is a new one in the field and involves dealing with day to day problems of children. When one is into this branch of psychology, one would be amazed to unravel the layers of complexities that exist in the psychology of a child. An increased amount of importance is being given to the mental health of kids and federal legislation. This implies that the scope of employment in school counseling is on the rise.



The work of a licensed counselor varies from dealing with emotional issues, marriage problems, educational advices and many more. A number of such counselors work in the social service or health care sectors. One needs to be qualified enough to land in a job which involved such dexterity.


Genetic counselor:

The role of a genetic counselor is a challenging one. A generic counselor typically works in an environment of doctors, nurses and other clinical specialists. Their role comes into major play when they have to provide support to family where one or more members are suffering from genetic disorder. They also offer a word of advice to couples who have a risk of passing down a certain genetic disorder to their offspring. The educational background of a genetic counselor lies in the study of counseling as well as genetics.


Forensic psychologist:

Forensic psychology is a relatively new branch of career. The role of such a psychologist is to apply the theories of psychology in investigative methods. This branch of study is being highlighted in media and television channels. The career in forensic psychology is an exciting one to pursue. A number of cases gets unfolded when such psychologists comes into the scene of play. Some of them are child abuse cases, insurance problems, criminal complication, disputes etc.


Engineering psychologist:

The role of an engineering psychologist is to understand the human mind. Based on that understanding they help the team of designers who create technology. The ultimate aim is to create technology that is consumer friendly and easy to use. These engineering psychologists go through the human mind to understand the relationship between the mind and a certain product in the market. In this way, they have major role to play in manufacturing machines, software, gadgets in fashion so that they are worthy and effective for public usage.


Clinical psychologist:

Clinical psychology is the largest area of employment for qualified psychologist. Well educated, doctorate candidates are recruited for this particular job profile. The working institutions may vary from health care centres, hospitals, clinics or even private firms. Their work includes assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from one or more psychological disturbances or disorders.


Sports psychologist: 

The work of a sports psychologist is to help sportspersons motivate towards their game. In this way, sports psychologist has a major role to perform in the performance of a sportsperson. They help sportsmen deal with injury and the stress, tension caused out of it. They even work with non sportsmen by helping individuals cope up with their mental disturbances via the practice of some sport. Their workstations are based in athletic centers, hospitals universities, research faculties or private practice departments.

With these many psychology career options, it is expected that a bussing psychologist will have enough matter to think about with respect to his/her career path

July 13, 2012