Online degrees in Social Work : What are the best Universities in US?

Students are getting lots of opportunities to continue their interest of studying subjects with which they can think of making a career.  Online degrees are accredited and valued in many places. For those who seek to balance work and family life and also wish to pursue academics, this is the opportunity to grab your hands at and make the best use of the opportunities of the present day time. If you are planning to earn an online degree in social work, here are some of the best Universities/colleges in the United States that you can look up to, to have

University of Southern California:

The University is one of the first research institutes that offers online degree in Social work at a master’s level.  The Virtual academic center of the college offers this academic program to the students. The online classes are held in an interactive and flexible fashion that is web-based, giving the same degree to the students with optional choices of either opting for an online course or taking regular classes in the campus. Tuition fees include USC $1,536 per unit for students opting for part-time education and $22,081 for full-time students.  The college also offers internships to students.


University of California, Berkeley: 

The University offers a masters degree in human science, online program that gives the opportunity to the students to study, work and collaborate on assignments and projects reports with the help of internet. The deserving candidates are provided the financial aid. UC Berkeley is accredited by the Western association of schools and colleges.The University is ranked in the top 100 universities to study in the United States. The university offers specialized degree in various other courses along with social work such as behavioral science and clinical research.


Indiana University:

The University offers online advanced master’s degree in Social Science with serious practical exercises that prepares a student to accomplish the work as per the professional norms of learning.  The college is ranked among the top 100 universities to study in the US. Fee include $500 per credit hour for less than six credit hours, $500 per credit hour for Indiana residents and $600 credit hour for the non-residents.


Boston University:

The university provides online masters degree in social work in Clinical social work practice offers two options for completing a degree. Students having a minimum of two years of experience in the field of social work can be considered for a degree in human social science with experience track with 65 credits and 8 consecutive semesters and an internship opportunity for 1,000 hours. The course is accredited by the council on social work education. Tuition fee include $695 per credit hour. There’s also the student service fee and the technology fee of $60 per credit hour each.  This is a new program which was established in 2011. Boston University ranks on the 16th number on the US news and World listing of the top social work colleges.


Columbia College:

This college offer several degrees in the field of social science. You can expect to opt out for a bachelors degree, associate degrees, which will help establish your career in the profession of human service.  The college also offers a dual degree in the field of criminal justice and social work. Tuition fee is affordable at $245 per credit hour. The university ranks among the top best universities of the world.  The college is accredited by the higher commission and they have been a core member of the North Central Association since 1918. Check the official website of the university for more information.


Fordham University:

org has given the no.1 ranking to the institution in social work program. The university is entirely focused on social work and human rights. Studends must be the residents of New York,Connecticut,New Jersey to participate in the program. Tuition fees per credit hour include $859 along with the additional fees involved in the program each year. The university is an accredited member of the Middle States Commission on Higher Learning and the program is accredited by the Council on Social Education. Check out the official website of the university to learn more about the rules and regulations related to the admission procedure of an online course in social science.

Over the years, The United States has proved to be one of the finest place to pursue education and learning. The top universities which have the reputation of being old for centuries have come with the modern day facilities to encourage learning among students living in distant parts of the world. An online degree in social science will enable the student to opt for an alternate or full time career in the service of the people. Apply to these universities now.

December 22, 2014