Online Degrees from Major Universities in US: The Complete Dossier!

Online Degrees from major Universities in US

The virtual world has open doors for many things to co-exist for our benefits. For knowledge seekers, it’s a place no less than a paradise. Prestigious universities across the globe, have now expanded and they have come up with a mechanism of an online school of learning. The professional student can enhance his/her knowledge and collect professional degrees in the required subject by joining the online school of learning. However, students must examine that the universities are offering an accredited degree to the eligible candidate.

Accreditation of the degree calls for a globally recognized degree which enhances the student’s quality of education. Universities in US are very popular in this regard. Students and eligible candidates must do a thorough research about the university/program course before enrolling for an online program.


Major US Universities that offer Online Degrees:

1, Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona state university is known for it’s enriching and flexible form of imparting educations to the students. ASU, is best known for the advanced technology and well-qualified faculty for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The Arizona State University comes with six different dates for admission in a year. Students, therefore, have lots of options available for the admission to the online education course. Fee Structure of an undergraduate program includes around USD 425 (investment per hour) and is also subjected to change as per the season in which the student wishes to enroll for the course. The college is best known for courses in Liberal Arts,Sociology,Family resource management,Sciences studies Engineering and Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Detail on Admission Process, Fees and Online Degree courses at ASU


2. University of Texas (UT)

The Online consortium program of University of Texas provides many undergraduate and post-graduate courses. The university is reputed to have competent faculty and has a good image in the world of online degree courses. To apply for the admission, the students must enroll for the UT system institution. Fee structure is different for In-state graduates and out-of-state graduates. For In-state grads, the fee is around USD 9000 and USD 17,016 for out-of state graduates. The figures are subjected to change, therefore, it is recommended that the admission seeker must check the official website for proper fee structure. Other than that, the college offers degree in the field of Arts,Science,Sociology,Nursing and other programs. In case the course is being offered by a UT campus other than one’s home campus one needs to register by citing the electronic registration number.

Detail on Admission Process, fees and Online Degrees courses at UT


3. University of Alabama (AU)

The University of Alabama offers accredited degrees for online learning. Its flexible approach makes it possible for students to balance, work, home and education.Students seeking admission must apply online. Students have to create the login id and password to enroll for online programs. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of commerce,business administration (BS degree), management,library and information studies, nursing,clinical psychology (Ms degree). Fee structure varies for in-state and out-of state students. Check the official website to know more about the fee structure of the specific course.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at AU


4. University of Massachusetts (UMass)

UMassOnline is the online education arm of University of Massachusetts, one of the top American universities. With an internationally recognised faculty that includes some Pulitzer Prize winners and noble prize winners the University enjoys great credibility in terms of the quality of education it offers. Any student with a high school diploma or an equivalent of that can apply for admission. Every university campus has its own admission procedure and fee structure.The university demands high school diploma certificate, online application form,application fee of USD 60 for international students and USD 50 for US citizens at the time of admission. Letter of recommendation and a copy of a personal statement is also to be attached along with the list of documents. GRE/GMAT/TOEFL scores are also asked at the time of admission. Some of the best online courses in UMass include – Degree in visual and performing arts, communication,journalism related programs,masters in business administration,public health in nutrition and masters degree in reading and language.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at UMass


5.University of Florida (UF)

Ranked among the top 20 public universities, it is known for its academic excellence both in regular courses as well as online education. UF is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS). The process of admission is course-specific. However most campuses follow a prescribed admission route. Students seeking admission in this university must apply online. The admission process demands attachment of scores,recommendations,transcripts. Admission fee of USD 30 should be paid online at the time of admission. Check the university’s website for the fee structure of various courses. Some of the best courses offered in the university are bachelors of science in sports management, masters of science in nursing, masters in business administration, masters in Entomology and Nematology .

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at UF


6. Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

Being committed to providing good education opportunities for all, FAU offers a wide range of online degree courses.The university imparts education by creating a distance learning account on the website, where students can apply online. Admission procedure is done online with the submission of the documents. Select the course and fill the admission form. The university is best known for programs like bachelors in nursing science,bachelors of business administration, MBA in accounting, masters in accounting and other relevant courses.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at FAU


 7. University of Oklahoma (OU)

The Oklahoma University college of Liberal Studies offers online bachelors and master’s degrees. There are five start dates, two during spring, and two during fall and one during summer. The courses are delivered through the university’s online portal, Desire2learn.Admission process is done online with the creation of a specific account having login Id and password. Fee structure is varied for different courses. The university imparts education in the field of Arts, Criminal Justice, Administrative Leadership,Prevention Science , Museum studies and other specific courses.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at OU


 8. University of South Carolina (USC)

University of South Carolina offers many online degree programs. It is convenient and easy to enrol in programs offers by the university. The courses are tiered on the bases on subjects and levels.Application procedure is the same as other universities. An amount of USD 50 is to be paid at the time of admission. The applicants need to submit the letter of recommendation, academic credentials, test scores at the time of the admission. Fee structure is not much and varies according to the courses offered by the university. The university is known for offering courses in Masters in Social Work, Masters in Finance engineering, Green Technologies and other academic programs.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at USC


 9. University of North Carolina (UNC)

Extending education opportunities to individuals with family and work obligations is the underlying principle of NC‘s online education initiative. It has been delivering quality education through the web for more than a decade now. Admission applications are filled online. All 16 institutions under the university have their own admission procedures and respective application formalities.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at UNC


10. The Florida State University (FSU)

The Office of Distance Learning (ODL) at FSU provides excellence in education through technology mediated learning environment. ODL staff and faculty work alongside FSU distance learning faculty to deliver holistic learning.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at FSU


11. California State University (CSU)

The California State University is the largest and most diverse universities in the state/. It offers a number of online degrees to help individuals actualise their dreams.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at CSU

12. Tulane University (TU)

Tulane University has more than a decade of experience in delivering high quality distance learning. The University provides opportunities for occupational health and safety professionals in pursuing and achieving greater levels of expertise in their fields of interest.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at TU


13. Brigham Young University (BYU)

BYU Independent Study is an online programme that offers more than 500 courses across levels from middle school to graduate. Admissions are open throughout the year to students across 50 countries.

Detail on Admission Process, Fee and Online Degrees courses at BYU


For those who want to pursue seeking knowledge without physically moving from one place to another, this is the opportunity. Apply online, seek knowledge, give tests, earn a degree and live a life of a learned individual.

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