Looking for a Career in Nursing?

The work of nurse occurs in close association with doctors.

Looking for a Career in Nursing- 100Careers.com

Looking for a Career in Nursing- 100Careers.com

The nurse’s role comes into effect once the treatment or dose of medication starts. It is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that the patient receive maximum care and comfort during his//her days of recuperation.However, the role of a nurse does not end in simply taking care of the patient. They stand shoulder to shoulder in assisting the doctors win providing injections, IVs, in the maintenance of medical records along with providing simple diagnostic solutions to patients in need. Those who are surgical nurses have additional responsibilities. From pre-surgical prep, to post-operative care, they form the hand of support fro doctors operating on the patient.

There are various categories of nurses. The duties of nurses vary according to the level and designation of the nurses. The more specialized and qualified a nurse is, the more will be the post and position of the nurses. However, the common thread that connects all of them is the process of nursing. No matter in which tier the nurse belongs, the process of nursing which involves assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation remains common to one and all of them.


Work space of Nurses

The work space of nurses varies from hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, hospice, emergency rooms, intensive care, government agencies, and corporations. However, there are spaces which are outside these such as schools and home health areas. Over and above, it can be said that nurses are required almost everywhere where treatment, diagnosis along with care and hygienic concerns are essential.


Nursing Career options

Nursing career options are plenty. One can enter into the profession of nursing with least amount of education and minimal amount of training. Such nurses are known as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), also known as Licensed Vocation Nurses (LVN).This kind of nursing career have very limited growth and opportunities. These nurses do not fall under the registered category of nurses.

To be a Registered Nurse, one has to complete either one of the following degrees-a diploma in nursing, a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) or Associate’s Degree in nursing (ADN). In addition to these qualifications, the nurses necessarily require to have qualified the nursing certification exam for Registered Nurses. After qualifying the nursing certification exam for Registered Nurses, they can move on to pursue an advanced degree which offers specialization. Such nurses fall under the category of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN). Their area of specialization might vary from the department of oncology, anesthesiology, and pediatrics. These nurses are one of those nurses who earn big bucks in the industry. The categories can be named as Clinical Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and Nurse Practitioners (NP).


Type of Skills required for Nursing Career: 

Nursing jobs comes with security and stability. Each nurse has a number of options to choose from. Nursing as a career also comes with innumerable options. The options may vary from choosing the kind of schedules, locations, and levels of responsibility. Nursing career opportunities involves a dedication and determination. Nurses might have to work at hours which are different from the normal working hours of individuals working in other professions. Hence, nurse might be detached from their own friends and family due to the difference in work time schedule. Also, they are required to possess some essential skills. Calmness, patience are two of the, Since they have to deal with patience and their family members on an everyday basis, nurses are expected to have the qualities so that they can handle serious and grave situations without undergoing much stress themselves.

If helping others is your forte, if you have the willingness to care for others who are outside your well known circle and are spirited enough to take the challenge so that you make a mark in others lives, then nursing is the best career option for you.

August 5, 2012