List of Best Boarding Schools in (USA) America!

The team of experts at has put together a list of some of the top boarding schools of America. These schools offer low student teacher ratio and excellent facilities. They have outstanding track record in placing students in Ivy League, MIT & Stanford courses.

PHILIPS ACADEMY, ANDOVER (Massachusetts)Philips Academy is a prestigious co-educational independent high school for both boarding and day students. It offers academic programs for Grades 9 to 12 along with a post-graduate (PG) year. The school was established in 1778 and is located in Andover, Massachusetts. Currently the total student enrollment stands at 1102 with 802 as boarding and 300 day students. The average class size is 13 with student faculty ratio at 5:1. The rigorous curriculum has enabled Andover to send the largest number of its students to top-tier US universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Penn etc – close to 32% placement. There are total of 14 Advanced Placement courses and 13 interscholastic sports offered. The average SAT score is 2063. The boarding student tuition fee is $ 41,300. The total financial endowment stands at $ 770 million.


 ST. PAUL’S SCHOOL, CONCORD (New Hampshire) – It isa highly selective co-educational boarding school that prepares students

List of Best Boarding Schools in America -

List of Best Boarding Schools in America –

for college. It was established in 1856 and is affiliated with the Episcopal Church. It is a 100% residential school built on a campus of 2,000 acre. It has a current strength of 533 students. The average class size is 11 with a student teacher ratio of 5:1. The school is an active member of the Eight Schools Association and Independent School League., the oldest independent school athletic association in the United States. The Advanced Studies courses and Independent Study Program are available to provide additional opportunities to dive deeper into the subjects they find interesting. The school also encourages participation in four other areas of community life – residential life, community outreach, athletics, and Chapel apart from the academics. Close to 30% of Class of 12 is part of Ivy League, MIT & Stanford placements. The average SAT score for admission is 2049. The tuition fee is $44,400. The total financial endowment stands at $ 438 million.

NOBLE AND GREENOUGH SCHOOL, DEDHAM (MASSACHUSETTS) – It is a co-educational day and boarding school for students in grades 7 to 12. The current student enrollment is 550 with a student faculty ratio of 6:1. The average class size is 14. The school is a member of the Independent School League. It prepares the students for college admission particularly in the areas of study skills, time management, written and verbal communication, and mathematical analysis. It has 25 varsity teams. About 27% of the graduating class was placed in Ivy League. The average SAT score for application is 2020. The tuition fee for the boarding students is $ 37, 000 and financial endowment is around $ 42 million.

GROTON SCHOOL, GROTON (MASSACHUSETTS) – It is a private college preparatory boarding school. It was founded in 1884 and currently enrolls approximately 375 boys and girls form Grade 8 to 12. The school has small classes ranging from 12-14 students and the student teacher ratio is 5:1. The school offers 13 Advanced Placement (AP) courses with some non-AP courses such as American History, Fifth Form English, and Calculus to prepare students for the Advanced Placement examination. The median SAT score for admission is 2080. 24% of graduating students were placed in Ivy League colleges. The boarding school’s tuition fee is $ 48, 895 and financial endowment is $ 237 million.

LAWRENCEVILLE SCHOOL, LAWRENCE TWONSHIP (NEW JERSEY) – It is a coeducational, independent preparatory boarding school for grades 9-12. The school has an enrollment of 809 students and 96 classroom teachers. Students come from 33 states and 33 countries. The Socrates method of teaching is practiced in the school with give-and-take discussions, around large, wooden oval tables, which replaces the individual desks. Lawrenceville’s House Football League is the oldest active football league in America. Lawrenceville athletics compete in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League. The school has Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accreditations. The median SAT score for application is 2010 with the tuition fee of $ 46, 475.

HOTCHKISS SCHOOL, LAKEVILLE (CONNECTICUT) – The Hotchkiss School is an independent, coeducational American college preparatory boarding school founded in 1891. The school enrolls students in grades 9 through 12 and a small number of postgraduates. Students at Hotchkiss come from across the United States and 37 foreign countries. The school had an enrollment of 595 students and 151 classroom teachers, for a student-teacher ratio of 4-1. It has one of the largest secondary school financial endowments in the country, and extremely competitive admissions, with a 16% acceptance rate in the fall of 2011. It offers 18 Advanced Placement courses in 9 academic departments. Hotchkiss currently fields 17 interscholastic sports teams. The school is a member of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council and the Interscholastic Sailing Association. It has an Ivy League placement record of 21%. The tuition fee is $ 43, 500

DEERFIELD ACADEMY, DEERFIELD (MASSACHUSETTS)- It is an independent, co-educational 4-year college preparatory, boarding school with approximately 600 students  and about 100 faculty, all of whom live on or near campus. The school is a member of the Eight Schools Association and Ten Schools Admissions Organization. Students are required to participate in a co-curricular activity each semester. Some options include competitive or intramural sports, community service, dance, school play, yearbook, and many more. In addition, many students are involved in at least one of the more than 50 student-run clubs or organizations. It offers 19 AP courses and has 22% students being placed in Ivy League colleges. The median SAT score for admission is 2000 and tuition fee is $ 43, 800.

MILTON ACADEMY, MILTON (MASSACHUSETTS) – It is a co-educational, independent, preparatory, boarding and day school consisting of a grade 9–12 Upper School and a grade K–8 Lower School. Boarding is offered starting in 9th grade. Milton is noted for its prestige and strong academic programs, having produced many notable alumni. There are over 10 different publications on campus, from news to literary magazines. Students come from 27 states and 21 countries. Milton offers several off-campus programs. Milton offers 15 interscholastic sports for boys and girls, as well as nine intramural teams. The school offers 180 academic courses in 9 academic departments. It has a 22% placement record in Ivy League colleges. The median SAT score for application is 2062. The tuition fee is $ 43, 975 and financial endowment of $ 190 million. Financial endowment $ 190mn.

MIDDLESEX SCHOOL, CONCORD (MASSACHUSETTS) – It is an independent secondary school for grades 9 – 12. It is a member of the Independent School League and is one of the five schools collectively known as St. Grottlesex. The school has a rigorous academic program, extraordinary extracurricular programs in arts and athletics, and a commitment to service. It has 13 interscholastic sports and 24 extra-curricular clubs. The School enrolls 375 students from 32 states and 16 countries. Thirty percent of the students receive financial aid. The average SAT score for admission is 2030. Tuition fee is $ 46, 090.

BELMONT HILL SCHOOL, BOSTON (MASSACHUSETTS) – It is an independent boy’s school located on a 32-acre campus. The school enrolls approximately 440 students in grades 7-12, separated into the Middle School (grades 7-9) and the Upper School (grades 10-12), While the majority of attending students are day students, there are some who enroll in the school’s five-day boarding program, which becomes an option for students in their 9th grade year. Belmont Hill’s athletics program offers 16 interscholastic sports, 57 teams, and over 700 athletic contests each year.It offers both curricular and extracurricular tuition in visual arts, music and theater. It has various programs to study and travel abroad. The application for admission to the school requires ISEE scores for grades 7-8 or SSAT scores for grades 8-10. The median SAT score is 1990 and the tuition fee is approximately $ 39, 700

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