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USA remains to be the dream destination for professionals seeking high paying jobs and the best standard of living. While choosing a career for themselves, most people have one common question in mind- How much does the job pay. America in itself is a rich country with average economic scenario way better than the third world countries; hence their jobs pay much higher than the regular wages paid in other countries. Every year the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics churns through vast data in order to figure out the present wage situation and list the top paying jobs in America.  If you are already employed with a stable job, probably this piece of news is petit voyeuristic to you. But the young people who are still on their search for good pay-packet, the following list of best paying jobs in America might help them make the right decision.


Healthcare and Medicine: Healthcare professionals, more precisely doctors and surgeons are highest paid people in America till date as suggested by the numeric analysis of the available data on federal compensation for more than 800 occupations. Furthermore, the economic recession or other global problems have not been able to hamper the wages or employment opportunities in healthcare profession. According to the latest figures (year 2009), Surgeons earned $219,770 on average which is the highest of all wages. Anesthesiologists (earning $211,750) are on the second position.  Following them are the orthodontists, oral surgeons, gynecologists and obstetricians.  Other professionals associated with the healthcare industry (nurses and associates) too earn well compared to others with equivalent qualification and ability.


Corporate Chief executive: The average earning on an executive is $167,280 .The roles and responsibilities of these jobs include formulating policies, suggesting the company towards the direction of profit and overall prosperity as well as planning and executing the core operational activities of an organization. Minimum qualification is Bachelor’s degree, although higher qualification and extensive relevant experience is the main determining factor for the post and pay package. But anyway acquiring this particular position involves a great deal of patience, hard work and competition.


Aircraft engineer: A qualified aircraft engineer earns pretty well in America. The job of an aircraft engineer includes installing and assembling parts of aircrafts, missiles and space vehicles.  They are responsible for fitting, fixing or fastening the wings, tails, stabilizers, bulkheads or landing gears in the machines. The highest paid engineers certainly hold extensive experience in aircraft manufacturing. Apart from a diploma or associate’s degree in Aircraft Engineering, hands on experience and personal skills are important for accomplishing a good position.  The average annual wage of the professionals is $44,600 and hourly remuneration is $21.44.


Educational Instructors & College Professors:  Education is indeed one of the most expensive affairs in United States and hence the college professionals as well as vocational or educational counselors earn a fortune every year. The average annual salary of a college professional is $65,190. Apart from higher qualification degrees like masters or Ph. D, associate degrees on specialized subjects or communication are necessary to cut out a good salary deal. Moreover it is one of the most prestigious occupations in the country.


Criminal Investigators: The job of a criminal investigator involves great deal of responsibility and intelligence. There are more than 70 agencies operating in federal law enforcement which include ‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’, ‘U.S. Capitol Police’, ‘Border Patrol’, ‘U.S. Customs and Border Protection’, ‘U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security’, ‘Defense Criminal Investigative Service’, ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’, ‘Drug Enforcement Administration’ etc.


Therapists: Physical or psychological therapists have a great career in American job scene. Average growth prospect is 30% and total number of jobs is 190,000. Top paid therapists earn around $97-98,000 per year and the average median pay is $75000. An associate’s degree or master’s degree is enough to join this service.


Supervisor/ Managers: The role of supervisor or manager in any organization is quite crucial and the pay package mostly varies according to the responsibilities. Generally the managers are paid on the basis of their qualification, experience and capacity. The average wages is $50,000 per annum.


Lawyers: Lawyers are responsible for dealing with client litigation and functioning of the legal system. They are able to earn independently or opt for a salaried job. Basically there is no limitation on the earning capacity of a legal practitioner.


Judges: The judge’s career not only pays well but it fetches a lot of respect and social status for the pursuer. Highest pay level for judges is $162, 140 and the middle range is $51,740.


Scientists: In order to pursue the career of a Scientist, one needs to educate him/herself to the highest level of studies. Scientists are respected across the world and they can work as salaried employees for reputed laboratories, research centers or government set-ups.


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October 29, 2011