Harvard University – Online Degree Courses and Enrollment Process

Are you considering to pursue an online degree program? Do you wish to enroll for online degree programs by Harvard University? Do you want to know which online degree programs does Harvard University offer? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!

A lot of students have started to consider pursuing online degree programs these days. It is helpful as it allows them to obtain higher education while working. This also enables them to keep their edge and be updated with their field of education by enrolling in the latest programs. There are numerous

Harvard University - Online Degree Courses and Enrollment Process - 100Careers.com

Harvard University – Online Degree Courses and Enrollment Process – 100Careers.com

universities and educational institutes, both government and private, that offer quality online degree programs. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one such institute that offers both on-campus as well as online degree programs for undergraduates and graduates.

Why Harvard?

Harvard University is one of the most esteemed and prestigious educational institutes all over the world. It has immense reputation for offering quality education. Harvard provides more than 600 programs from various fields to its students pursuing online degree courses. The University has made it easy to pursue higher studies by fitting it conveniently into a busy schedule by offering online classes. Part-time pace and flexible class times are easy to manage. Also, online degree programs are affordable. Harvard University allows students to try a degree course because actually applying for it so that the student is 100% sure that the program is right for him/her when they finally decide to enroll in it.

Enlisted below the Online Degree Courses offered by Harvard University:

  • In Arts, Humanities and Museum studies, the university offers courses such as Studio arts & film; Philosophy, Religion, Museum studies, Music, Dramatic arts, Humanities, Digital media, Classics, History of art and architecture, Celtic languages and literatures, African and African American studies, etc.
  • Under the subject of Business studies and management, the Harvard University offers online degree programs in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Communication, Marketing, Enterprise management, Information systems management, Organizational behavior and all other management courses.
  • The University offers online courses like Engineering sciences, Computer science, Applied mathematics, Digital media, Statistics, Mathematics and other such courses under the subject of Computer Science, engineering & math.
  • Under languages, students get to select from a wide range of courses such as Chinese, Greek, Arabic, German, Italian, French language and literature, Spanish language and literature, Latin, Japanese, etc.
  • In Literature, speech & writing subject, the university offers courses such as English, Creative Writing, Journalism, Expository Writing, Speech, Foreign literature and culture, etc.
  • Under the subject of premedical studies, Harvard University offer online degree programs like Chemistry, Medical sciences, Biological sciences, Physics, etc.
  • In the Science & Environmental Studies subject, the courses offered to the students include Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Astronomy, Nutrition, Medical Sciences, Environmental studies, etc.
  • Under the subject of Social sciences, Harvard University offers online degree programs like Social sciences, Legal studies, History, History of science, Government, Economics, Psychology, African and African American studies, Anthropology and archaeology, etc.
  • The University also offers Study skills & education as a subject in which it provides courses such as Study & research skills, Education, etc.

How to Enroll for Harvard Online Degree Program Courses:

If you are interested in enrolling for an online degree program with Harvard University, you must start with your course search and enroll in the program of your interest as soon as possible. The reasons for early registration are many. For example, there are some limited enrollment courses that tend to get filled quickly. An early registration will save you from failing to get enrolled in them. Also, a late fee of $50 is charged during late registration. This amount is nonrefundable. However, if you add or change courses after registration, no late fee is charged. An early registration will also enable you to acquire your Harvard ID and PIN with which you can activate your university e-mail account prior to the beginning of the classes. It will also prove you full access to the website of your course.

Registration Process to Harvard Online Courses:

For the registration, you either have to fill in and submit a registration form manually that can be obtained from the university itself or you can register online. It is recommended that you carefully go through all the registration guidelines by the university to gather information about the prerequisites, English proficient, credit status option, waitlists, etc. It is important for you to know that the Extension School of Harvard University that offer these online degree programs retains the right to cancel or refuse an applicant’s registration if they have been required to withdraw from some other course or school of the University; if the person has been ordered officially to stay away from the campus of Harvard University; if that individual was found liable for any disciplinary violation; or if he/she has been found guilty of or has been convicted for felony, misdemeanor or any other crime.

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December 24, 2014