Career Options In Photography

Photography is a creative medium of self-expression. It is an art that requires tremendous technical expertise and aesthetic taste. Many people practice photography as a hobby but not many know that it is a profitable career option too. One of the most interesting aspects of a career in photography is that it is a versatile field and there are plenty of jobs available in diverse segments. Here is some important career information on photography:

Career Options in Photography:

  • Wedding / Portrait Photography: Portrait photographers take pictures of individuals or small groups. The subjects of the photograph can be anything from families, weddings, sports activities, children, pets, social gatherings or other functions. Today, there is an increasing demand for portraits photographers who are specialists in taking snaps of garden or home decorations. Portrait photographers can work inside a studio or they can be self-employed. Once you build a reputation you would never run short of freelance photography jobs.
  • Press Photography: Press photographers also known as photojournalists who provide pictures to the local and national press. The press photographers provide a visual representation of the story that accompanies the photo. Often, the picture itself tells the story. To be a photojournalist, you need to have the penchant for clicking images of versatile subjects. It is a very demanding job and requires you to work in co-ordination with other reporters and work in a tough condition. Besides, you need to have a good judgment on what could make a good picture story and write eye-catching captions for the photographs.


  • Fashion Photography: Fashion Photography is one of the best paid careers in US. It is an extremely creative and well rewarding profession. Typically, fashion photography is mostly done by freelance photographers who are commissioned by certain advertising agencies or fashion houses. Fashion Photography involves usage of highly sophisticated and advanced cameras and studio set-up. Fashion photographers can find work opportunities in fashion journals, news papers, fashion houses, advertising agencies and assist fashion designers.

The success in the profession greatly depends on your skills and your ability to adapt to the industry requirements. However a degree from one of the best photography schools will certainly add an embellishment to your career.



December 20, 2011