Best Boarding Schools in USA –Top List

Are you searching for the best boarding schools in USA? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Read on to discover about some of the finest boarding schools.

Some of the most popular and best boarding schools in the world are the ones in United State of America. The best thing about these boarding schools in is that the student teacher ratio is very desirable that helps in enhancing their interaction in terms of quality. Also, these schools offer

Best Boarding Schools in USA –Top List -

Best Boarding Schools in USA –Top List –

excellent facilities to all its students. These boarding schools have the greatest track record in not just academics but also in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They offer placements to some of the finest colleges and universities as well. So here is a list of some of the top boarding schools in US:

Squaw Valley Academy, California:

Located right next to Lake Tahoe, this boarding school offers excellent opportunities to the students. The school has a track record of all its students achieving entrance to tertiary studies. The small size of the class allows the teacher to giver personalized attention to every student. The school allows the students to explore the grounds nearby as long as they do their work on time and with efficiency. Their fee structure includes boarding fee which is different for 9-month ($48,789), second semester ($24,395) and second mid semester ($12,197) boarding students and their fee for session 1 and 2 is $3,800.

Cheshire Academy, Connecticut:

It is regarded as one of the most exclusive and oldest boarding schools in USA. The school offers state of the art facilities to its students providing wireless access, well equipped three computer labs as well as two wireless laptop classrooms. Cheshire follows a student centered approach to learning. The school believes in developing a moral code and character in their students. Their fee includes $49,800 for boarding facilities.

The Gunnery, Connecticut:

Located in the small town of Washington, it is a co-education boarding school. The Gunnery has no affiliations to any religion or military. The schools believes in chief things that builds character: integrity, scholarship, responsibility and respect. The school has tried to maximize the student teacher interaction by keeping the classes small. The Gunnery has 9 dormitories with single and double student rooms.

Riverstone International School, Idaho:

Situated in Boise, this unique boarding school that offers education based on International Baccalaureate. It has two campus: Warm Spring and Broadway. The school encourages its students to be active in every facet of their school life. The school’s track record is such that their class of 2010 received merit based, non-loan scholarships amounting to over $2,900,000.

St. Timothy’s School, Maryland:

Located in Baltimore, this boarding school is for girls. The school has a student teacher ratio of 6 to 1. Nearly 30% of its students come from aboard. The school has a reputation for helping their students achieve their full potential. St. Timothy’s School offer a diploma course that opens the door to many universities not just in America but many other international universities as well.

Christ School, North Carolina:

Located in Arden, Christ School is a boarding school for boys. The school’s educational programs emphasize the trait of leadership and spiritual growth along with academic studies. The students can enjoy hiking and mountain biking in the nearly woods and mountain region. The school accepts students from all kinds of background and religious faith. Their fee includes $44,370 for boarding facilities, $23,545 as tuition fee, $500 to $600 for books, $20 to $30 is the weekly allowance for students, $1,750 per semester for Learning Resource Program and $3,500 for ESL.

July 17, 2014