About Devry University: All that you want to know!

About Devry University:    Devry University, also known as the Devry University of Technology, is an organization for higher education, located in Illinois, United States. The university is also a parent organization for a number of other universities like Carrington College, Ross University and American University of the Caribbean. Devry University was founded in 1931. The university opened as the DeForest Traning School.  In 2001 university obtained permission, despite some conflicts from the government, to grant degrees.


Colleges and Degree Programs/Courses under Devry University:

 College of Business Management

ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS:     The University offers degree courses in Accounting.

BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMS  :    Accounting degree program is offered under this branch too. In addition, there are a couple of other courses offered like Business Administration and Technical Management.

SPECIALIZATIONS:   The specializations vary from program to program. Under the business or finance line, Business Information

About Devry University All that you want to know - 100Careers.com

About Devry University All that you want to know – 100Careers.com

Systems, Finance, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship and Operations Management are the available specializations. Under the health category, specialized courses offered are Health Services Management, Hospital Management and Health Information Management. Criminal Justice is also offered under ‘Specializations.’

MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMS:   Under this master degree programs, university offers MBA, Accounting and Financial Management, Project Management, Human Relations and Public Administration.


College of Engineering and Information Sciences

ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS:  There are two courses available under this program; Electronics & Computer Technology and Network Systems Administration.

BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMS :  Under this Computer Information Systems is available with specializations in Business Management, Database Management, Information Systems Security, Web Development and Administration, Systems Analysis and Integration, and Web Game Programming.  The Electronics Engineering Technology is available with specializations in Network and Communications Management, Renewable Energy, and Game and Simulation Programming.

MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMS : The university offers master degree programs in Electrical Engineering, Networks and Communications Management, and Information Systems Management.


College of Health Sciences

ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS:  Health Information Technology and Neurodiagnostic Technology are the two courses offered under the Associate Degree program.

BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMS :  Healthcare Administration is offered with specializations in Healthcare Informatics and Healthcare Management. Course in Clinical Laboratory Science is also offered.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMS:  Degree programs in Communications are offered with specializations in Business Communication, Technical Communication and Emerging Media Communication.  Then there is degree course in Justice Administration with specializations in Digital Forensics, Policing and Emergency Management.

GRADUATE PROGRAMS:  There is a Master’s Degree in Education which concentrates on the courses of Educational and Curriculum Leadership, and Educational Technology Leadership.


College of Media Arts and Technology

ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS:  A course in Web Graphic Design is offered under Associate Degree Programs.

BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMS:   A degree program in Multimedia Design and Development is available with specializations in Graphics & Multimedia Design, Web Game Programming, Web Design and Development, and Graphics and Multimedia Management.



The following is the enrollment process in Devry University for different types of students, i.e, US students, US Military students and International Students.

–          Enrollment for general US Students:    The application form, which is available online, needs to filled and submitted along with the required fees. The application form can be downloaded through an online application tool, available in the Devry University website. The students need a copy of their official academic transcripts from the secondary schools from which they graduated. After the application is reviewed, the students will be contacted by a Devry University admissions representative for setting up an informational interview. The students will be updated with an overview of the degree programs, projects, financial aid, student housing, part time work and the jobs opportunities at Devry. Once the student is accepted into the university, he/she will be invited for an orientation session.


–          US Military Students:   For military students, the process of application is the same as that of normal US students; with an exception of application fees for military students. Application fees have been waived for all Active Duty, Guardsmen, and Reservists children. The academic transcripts are to be requested from the respective graduated schools of the students. The students can also include any qualified military and other post-secondary credits, if any, to the university. Subsequent to the reviewing of the application forms, the students will be contacted by the university officials for an informational interview, in which the student will be let known of the necessary course details, financial aid, hostels and jobs opportunities. Once accepted, the student will be invited for an orientation session.



–          International Students:  The admission process, again, is just the same in the case of international students too. The application form is to be submitted with the required fees, and certified copies of academic transcripts need to be submitted. In case of foreign diplomas and non-English courses transcripts must be translated into English by a certified translator.

Regarding VISA and immigration, the following should be submitted to an immigration officer:

–          Valid I-20 which is to be obtained from the Devry University.

–          Letter acceptance from the university.

–          Valid passport from the American Embassy or consulate.

–          And a proof of financial support, like bank statements etc.



The following in the list of the cities where the branches of Devry University are located:

Devry Institute of Technology :   Long Island City, New York and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Devry University :

–          Arlington, Virginia

–          Chicago, Illinois

–          Columbus, Ohio

–          Dayton, Ohio

–          Decatur, Georgia

–          Addison, Illinois

–          Federal Way, Washington

–          Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

–          Fremont, California

–          Irving, Texas

–          Kansas City, Missouri

–          North Brunswick, New Jersey

–          Orlando,  Florida

–          Phoenix, Arizona

–          Westminster, Colorado

–          Pomona, California

–          Long Beach, California

–          Los Angeles, California

–          Miramar, Florida

–          Alpharetta, Georgia

–          Tinley Parkm Illinois

–          Houston, Texas

For more information refer official website of Devry University : http://www.devry.edu/