Oberoi International School – An Overview

The Oberoi Foundation, which is a known name in the country, led the foundation of The Oberoi International School. The school was set up in the year of 2008 is located in Goregaon East,Mumbai. The school which was started in the year 2008, aims to provide the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme for the children who are below 10-11 years, the Cambridge Lower Secondary school, the IGCSE curriculum school for the children under 16 and the IB Diploma Programme for teenagers older than 16 years. The school started off by providing facilities for students catering to the activities of art zones,dance studios,music,sports and play areas. At present, the school has expanded with a large library,an audio visual theatre and a half Olympic size pool.

Activities in Oberoi International School

One of the chief activities undertaken by the school authorities is the CAS activity. It stands for Creativity Action Service.  The idea is to provide platforms for young people to get involved in challenging new roles. The emphasis of the activity is to pursue new tasks which have important consequences in society and thereby helps them find their path in life.

The activities in the Oberoi International School include – Badminton,Art/Photography Gallery,Basketball,Assembly Contribution,Gymnastics,Library help,Commercial Arts, Tutoring and various other activities. You can visit the official website of the school to know more about the Creativity Action Services.

Student Council in Oberoi International School

In order to imbibe the leadership qualities among the students, each year, students are elected to be a part of the student council which plays a crucial role in the school’s decision making. The council consists of student representatives from grade 5-8, The Class Representative and the Deputy. Both head boys and head girls are elected by the teachers and the students, which leads to the establishment of the student council and represent OIS in various national and international platforms.

The Faculty in Oberoi International School

The OIS school has experienced faculties, out of which 50% are known to have taught in various international countries and schools.  The faculties are trained to guide the students to follow a journey from becoming dependent to interdependent with deep knowledge and understanding of the respective subjects.  Students are given the chance to closely interact with the faculty to create an intellectually stimulating environment.  The international school fosters the modern and the most liberal way of learning while inheriting the best from what the tradition has to offer.

December 8, 2014