List of Best schools in Noida!

Schools are the very first window through which a child takes his/her first looks at the world of knowledge, etiquettes and friendship. Hence it is of utmost importance that every child gets the best of schooling. It helps them achieve almost all material things in the long run. Unfortunately in India only a handful of children are bestowed with the opportunity to admit a school that provides quality education and ample scopes for extracurricular activities.

In Noida, some of the best schools of the country offer comprehensive study and knowledge to their students. The schools are judged on the following parameters:

  • Academic excellence and quality of education on offer
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Competence and qualification of the faculty
  • Individual and group attention provided to the students
  • Teaching method and interactive study system
  • Quality of infrastructure and resources
  • Participation and interaction with parents
  • Education on life skills, social behavior and people skills
  • Hygiene and safety of students
  • Sports activities

Based on the above parameters several schools have been listed below that are considered the best schools in Noida:

  • Step by Step School Noida
  • Delhi Public School Noida
  • Amity International School Noida
  • Lotus Valley School
  • Apeejay School Noida
  • Kothari International School Noida
  • Vishwa Bharti School Noida
  • Somerville School Noida
  • Cambridge School Noida
  • Khaitan Public School Noida

However there are several other good schools in Noida which offer varying educational environment for students. Parents must conduct thorough background research before admitting their toddlers to a particular school. Special schools are there offering co-educational, only boys’, only girls’, special education for underprivileged students and many more. There are international schools as well for parents looking to provide their kids with education that is world class and acknowledge by the leading institutions across the globe.

May 20, 2012