Best Boarding Schools for Girls in India

India is one of the best Asian countries to offer quality education, both at the school and the college level. India is also a home to one of the best boarding schools for both girls and boys. There are some really some high rated boarding schools in north India for girls offering high faculty competence, education and life skills.

 Read on to find out about the best boarding schools in India for girls:

Welham girls School, Dehradun

Recently, this school beat the Mayo girls Ajmer to become the best rated school for girls in the country. Situated in the most beautiful region surrounded by mountains, it is bestowed with a great academic reputation, sports educations and facilities for the girls.   Established in 1957,   welham girls school is CISCE affiliated and has developed a very high academic reputation with its 77 students topping the ISCE class XII exam. The average percentage per student is 91.73. The school gives equal weight age to both science and humanities while it is heavily popular with extracurricular activities. Welham Girls school also ranks first in the parameters of teachers welfare and faculty training. Notable alumni include Deepa Mehta, Kareena Kapoor, Brinda Karat, Madhu Trehan. It has progressed from being a school educating the privileged class to being a more local school. It offers one of the safest and best learning environs in the country.

Mayo Girls School, Ajmer

By far, it is the only school ranked as the top boarding school for maximum number of times in India. The girls’ school has always been ahead of the mayo boys’ school in the league tables. It is known for its consistent performance at the CBSE exams every year and always being among the top 3 scorers in the whole country. Their prominent activities include folk dancing, arts, crafts, classical vocal and instrumental music, western music, dramatics, poetry, debating and so on. The students call themselves as mayoites. The school also aids in helping women across villages to learn skills to sell handicrafts and educate themselves.

  Scindia Kanya Vidyala Gwalior

Set up in 1956 and inaugurated by Dr Rajendra Prasad, this school is another great educational avenue for the girls. It not only offers great quality education but also has combined education with parameters of activities like pastoral care and teaching them values to nurture the environment. They are also competent and well known for teaching life skills and conflict management. The institution aims at decreasing the pressure levels among students encourage supportive learning; improve the knowledge perspective, personal education and development. 

Vidya Devi Jindal school, Hisar

Situated approximately 150 km away from Delhi, Vidya Devi jindal school was set up in 1984 as a residential school for girls. The school was inaugurated by Mr. OP Jindal. The motto is to provide the light of knowledge which is the light to life. It is affiliated to the CBSE and has a teacher student ratio of 1.13.  The campus consists of a huge academic wing , utility block and an auditorium. Accommodation for all members of the school is available on the campus. It consists of 4 hostels which can accommodate about 800 students per se. With the course of time, it has come across one of the best schools for girls. 

Unison World School , Dehradun

Another school in Dehra Dun, is unison girls school seems to give tough competition to other schools in the girls category. It offers schooling and residential facilities from grades 4 to 12. The school is known for schooling and education with a combination of both traditional and western cultures. The facilities include a world class campus, great accommodation facilities, qualified and competent staff members. Their motto is to provide skilled and competent education for the students to be groomed for every aspect.

The school provides some ultra modern facilities and safety across the entire campus for the students. Cctvs and fencing are installed for this. One notable feature for this institution is that it aims to seek students from all sort of social and cultural backgrounds. They also seek students from the SAARC countries. The admission is based on the entrance test and the students are selected on the basis of their scores and merit.


August 25, 2014