What is Sabbatical Leave Policy in TCS and its main features?

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the leading employers of the nation and world today. It is a multifaceted IT based company offering consultancy and business solution operating in 46 countries of the world. To propel the growth of the company, Tata consultancy services and to retain its number one position in human resource, TCS came up with a policy of the sabbatical leave in 2012.

It simply offered the employees an opportunity to focus on their priorities apart from their jobs and incomes. Sabbatical as the term implies to take a leave or rest from work. So TCS gave its employees the option of taking a leave or break from work to pursue their other interests. It is interesting to note that Tata always has come up with interesting ideas motivate the human capital. It offers the option giving the space and flexibility to its employees.TCS has always considered human resource critical for the development of the organization. It has always invested heavily in people. It is not possible to meet every employees demands and desires, hence they always come up with great policies to satisfy their workforce.

Sabbatical derived from the word ‘Sabbath’ in the Bible, meaning a day of religious observance and abstinence from work. For the new age employees, TCS offers them the idea of choice of leave from work. The policy of sabbaticals was not popular in India for a long time. Hoverer, the recent times have seen a change of scenario. Indian companies are now warming up to this idea of sabbaticals.

Now many companies following TCS offer sabbatical leaves to their employees. The general reasons for taking leave are to upgrade skills, knowledge and qualification.

Highlights of Sabbatical Leave

  • It gives the employee some time away from work to pursue other interests and learn new skills.
  • Alliances with the different universities for the study sabbaticals and for advanced research.
  • It shows that the company and the employers are warm and attentive towards the needs of the employees.
  • A person can avail this option if he or she has been with company for 10 years or more.
  • Sabbaticals are offered with a share of pay.
  • The time gap is does not go beyond a year.

Benefits to the employees

Employees have definitely benefited from this sabbatical policy. The employee gets the opportunity to rejoin work with a more rejuvenating spirit. Meanwhile he or she may have had updating of knowledge or skills which may be beneficial for the company. This is also greatly benefitting for the employee as they are open to more options and promotions.

The organization retains the talent and the employee’s commitment is increased to the company.

The policy has been extremely beneficial for some employees. Employees above 40 generally take these offers. The general trend follows that people take sabbaticals for the purpose of pursuing other interests and hobbies which their work never allowed them to take up. For women these sabbaticals come to rescue when they have to take maternity leave. So, instead of quitting your job, the mother gets to use this option so that she does not miss her children’s growing years.

Are there any drawbacks of the policy?

Not Really, few things need to be adjusted. A long period of time is spent away from the working dynamics which means the person may have readjustment problems when he or she resume with the work. They would have to adjust themselves with the new trends in the market and work accordingly. All of this might take a month or two.

Nevertheless, research suggests that people feel highly enriched and motivated to return to work after having a break. A more popular example would be the case of the actor Aamir khan who took a 4-year long sabbatical from acting and returned with smashing hits one after the other. So a sabbatical need not mean that it would lower your skills or fluency or that your career would finish. In certain cases it is recommended. Of course it takes time to adapt but it would eventually happen. So being wary about the idea of taking a break makes no sense. If you thinking to take a leave to escape the drudgeries of the office routine for some time, the option is definitely worth considering.

July 4, 2014

  • Rahul Singh

    Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) service, consulting and business solutions company headquartered in Mumbai, MaharashtraIt is a subsidiary of the Tata Group and operates in 46 countries TCS is one of the largest Indian companies by market capitalization ($80 billion).TCS is now placed among the ‘Big 4’ most valuable IT services brands worldwide.In 2015, TCS is ranked 64th overall in the Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking, making it both the highest-ranked IT services company and the first Indian company.It is the world’s 10th largest IT services provider, measured by the revenues.As of December 2015, it is ranked 10th on the Fortune India 500 list.

    • Radhika

      We all know about TCS, a big Tycoon in IT outsourcing . Here we discuss about Sabbatical leave policy, its a Study leave policy . TCS has well crafted the sabbatical policy & brought benefit to employee employer alike. Employee rejoins with renewed commitment feeling rejuvenated after the needful break& employer too find value as talent retention, increase loyalty & excellent PR opportunity.
      The efforts of TCS , HR team are commendable ,for taking care of employees all around the globe.