What are Highly Paid IT Jobs in India ?

The Indian IT sector is booming. With more and more increasing demands for IT professionals, the multinational IT companies are hiring the best of employees. The industry has significantly contributed to India’s GDP. The industry has changed India’s image to a land of unique and innovative entrepreneurs.

Here’s a List of Highest Paying Jobs in the IT sector :


Information Technology Manager:

The job profile includes accomplishing the financial objectives of the company by preparing a budget, scheduling expenditures, maintaining quality service, conducting system audits, maintaining the staff unit by careful selection of desired candidates. The job

What are Highly Paid IT jobs in India - 100Careers.com

What are Highly Paid IT jobs in India – 100Careers.com

also entails the manager to research and provide technological strategic solutions. Annual salary includes somewhere between INR 10,0000-18,00000 per annum.

Software Development Manager:

The educational qualification involves a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field. Reputed companies hire well-experienced software development managers. The job entails working on projects and managing the team to deliver solutions to various products and technical specifications, resources for the effective delivery of products and establishing timelines to meet the projects on the mentioned deadline. Annual salary ranges from INR 7,50000 – 13,00000 per annum.

Project Manager:

The project manager is appointed by the company to plan,organize,execute and develop the projects of the company according to the given budget and the timeline. The job also involves building and managing a team, reporting about the projects to the project sponsor and work specifically to meet the goals and the targets of the company. Annual salary of a project manager can be somewhere between INR 5,50000 – 9,00000 per annum.

System Development Manager:

The system development managers are in charge of developing and maintaining the company’s mechanism and processes to meet the industry standards. They plan ,coordinate and implement various changes to be made in the information systems. Creative engineers are required in this field to analyze data and solve problems. Annual salary of a system development manager with experience gained in the field is somewhere between INR 5,00000 – 7,50000 per annum.


Web Application Developer:

The responsibilities given to a web developer varies accordingly. It is mostly based on the number of years the developer has gained experience in the field. Otherwise the common duties involve working with computer analysts and engineers. The developers are well versed with Java, C++,HTML and oracles, to develop and make changes in the existing websites and web applications. They also test the applications of these applications and softwares. Annual salary varies between INR 5,00000 – 7,50000 per annum.

IT Security Professional:  

The job profile of an IT security professional involves assessing,designing,implementing and working on critical functions related to the security so as to ascertain a secure system design. The security professional also has to monitor,report and work on various security related threats and functions. Annual salary of an IT security professional can be between INR 5,50000 – 8,00000 per annum.

IT Business Analyst:

An IT business analyst has to develop functions to coordinate various system testing programs,execute and prepare the installation support so as to assure a proper quality system changes. The business analyst must also come up with various business development ideas in order to fetch more clients and consumers for the company. The job entails the professional to have the knowledge of both effective management and technical solutions to system protection. Annual salary of the business analyst can vary between INR 4,50000 – 8,50000.

System Administrator:

The system administrator is responsible for the installation,maintenance,provisioning of system hardware and software related work.The individual has to research on the technical aspects of the software and assist the operation staff in the execution of the work. The system administrator is required to have effective control over the administration and supervision of technical activities. He/She can also be asked to provide the basic on the job training and proper guidance to other fellow workers on a daily basis. Annual salary can range between INR 5,00000 – 6,00000 per annum.

IT industries are always in need of a multi-skilled, well-qualified employee. India, is home to some of the biggest IT companies like Wipro, Infosys,Satyam and others. The IT aspirant can enjoy a good living with a secured job and a prospering career. The IT student can specialize in some of the areas of profession such as designing,research,networking,management, computer manufacturing and other areas to get more and more skills to his/her credit. An educational degree in computer science/IT may help to get employment but the job prospects is mostly measured by the number of years, the employee has gained the experience to build a good career. Experience matters the most in the field. In order to get exceptional resume, the aspiring engineer student must opt for a higher educational degree or spend years in research work to get potential job prospects. A deserving candidate with an exceptional educational and professional qualification will always find takers to employ him/her in the top IT companies of India.

July 29, 2014