What are Highest Paying Job Opportunities in Aviation Industry?

Aviation sector is one field that has been experiencing exponential growth from past few years. The arena is thriving with so many job prospects that are lucrative and professionally satisfying.

Enlisted below are highest paying job opportunities in Aviation sector along with the details of job profile, basic education required and essential skills:


Airline Pilot:

One of the most popular job in the aviation sector is that of a pilot. Their job profile includes inspecting the entire instrument panel, consulting the weather conditions, determining flight plans, etc. before the flight. They have to maintain controls, monitor fuel and other instruments, etc. during the flight. The basic educational requirement for the job of a helicopter pilot is a degree from a training school that has been recognized by governing body. Commercial Pilot license is also important. The essential skills required for this job include high alertness and concentration levels, faster cognition, an eye for details, analytical skills, intuitive skills, etc.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer:

A stellar job in the Aviation sector is that of the aircraft maintenance engineer. The basic job profile of a person holding this position is to ensure that the aircraft is in perfect condition prior to its take off. The safety of every individual on board is dependent on it. They performs checks on all aircraft, restore flawed aircraft and carry out assisted tasks. The basic qualification required for the job of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is a 3 year degree/diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering from an institute recognized by Aviation industry. The essential skills for this job include a keen eye for detail, logical thinking, analytical skills, perseverance, etc.


Air Hostess and Flight Steward:

For any airline, the most vital thing is to ensure that the passengers get to experience safe, comfortable and hassle free journey. Hence, the job of a Air Hostess and flight steward is very important as they take care the needs of the passengers on board throughout the journey, such as welcoming them, informing them about the basic emergency plans, catering food and drinks, etc. The basic education required for the job is a degree in Flight Steward or Air Hostess training program, a degree in hospitality or tourism. The essential skills required for the job of a Air Hostess / Flight Steward include patience, politeness, friendly and outgoing nature, physical stamina, etc.


Flight Purser:

A flight steward can be promoted to the post of Flight Purser after they have had about 3 to 5 years of experience. This promotion is based on the performance. However, it is not necessary to be a flight steward first to be able to become eligible for the job of flight purser. A Flight Purser is complete in-charge of cabin crew on board. The basic educational requirement for this job includes degree in human resource management and hospitality. The basic skills required for the job include good interpersonal and communication skills, managerial skills, leadership ability, etc.


Aviation Doctors:

The health of the crew is another matter of immense importance for any airline. The job profile of an Aviation Doctor is to carry out rigorous physical examinations and checkups on the crew, especially the pilots, at regular intervals according to the strict rules and regulations of Aviation Medicine. For the job of an Aviation Doctor, the candidate must have basic MBBS degree along with Aviation Medicine Specialization. In the job of an Aviation Doctors, experience is one of the most weighted factors during selection.


Aviation Psychologist:

Apart from the physical health, psychological well-being is also essential. The job profile of an Aviation Psychologist is to conduct psychometric tests on pilots to assess their attitude. They are also supposed to help and guide the young cabin crew in dealing with the problems that they might encounter in their jobs. Flight crew selection and training is also carried out under the supervision of the Aviation Psychologist. An Aviation Psychologist should have a Major in Psychology to qualify for this job. The basic skills required for the job are being proactive in dealing with anticipated job stressors, good communication and interpersonal skills, leadership and motivational skills, etc.

The salary in respective job opportunities vary depending on the two major factors: first, whether you are working in Private sector or Public sector; and secondly, the airline company with which you are working.

June 17, 2014

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