What are Highest Paid Jobs in India?

For those of you who are aspiring for a lucrative career in India, we have compiled a list top 10 highest paying jobs in India. Effort has been

What are highest paid jobs in India - 100Careers.com

What are highest paid jobs in India – 100Careers.com

taken to bring to you comprehensive information about each job in terms the job description, education & qualification, salaries and top employers.  


Software Engineers and IT  professionals are in high demands with IT as the buzz in all the industry sectors to enhance business performance. The job profile typically involves researching, designing and writing new software programs, testing the software programs, modifying the existing software program to suit user requirements, maintenance of the performance of the client’s software systems and writing technical/operational documentation.

Education & Qualification  :  B.E/B.Tech in computers and related field  or  MCA

Salaries : Software Engineer starting salary is INR 2.0-3.5 LPA,   Senior Software Engineer INR 4.0-7.5 Lacs per Annum(LPA) Those who develop their credentials in an organization are given good international project assignments.

Top Employers: TCS, Wipro, Accenture, IBM and Cognizant Technologies.

 Highest paying IT Jobs in India 


MANAGEMENT Professionals: 

They are well in demand since a long time. With globalization and increasing competition in the market, organizations are seeking knowledge and expertise of management professionals to make their business profitable and lead the competition.

Job Description – Management professionals’ advice top management of the organizations in devising strategies to enhance productivity and overall performance. They work in different functional areas as per their expertise such as finance, human resource, sales & marketing, business development and corporate strategy. A project team is assigned to a particular client for a specific duration. Though it varies but the general job hierarchy in management consulting is – analyst, consultant senior consultant, manager/project lead, partner and vice president/director.

Education & Qualification : MBA graduate in the related functional field/ Master’s Degree with experience in the related functional field / Certificate Management Consultant qualification

Salaries :  For fresher with MBA: INR 7-9 LPA & for a fresher with Bachelor degree INR 2-4LP.   For a professional with 5-6 years experience: INR 15-20 LPA

Top Employers – Accenture, McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Deloitte and Capgemini 

Here are the details about Career in Management – MBA



Investment Banking is a highly sought-after profession. The growing buyout market is putting the investment bankers in hot spot. It

is a highly competitive and demanding profile with long work hours. But the high income enjoyed by the investment bankers makes the hard work worthwhile.

Job Description – An investment banker acts as an intermediary between businesses and investors. They help businesses raise capital through either private investors or public markets. They structure the initial public offerings (IPOs) in compliance with the stringent financial rules and regulations. Another area is facilitating mergers and acquisitions (M&A). They can provide their M&A expertise from both buyer and seller side, this involves structuring the deal, analyzing the profit-loss and help prepare details of the agreement. Other daily tasks include – consulting with clients, studying the industry/business scenario, analyzing the competition, generating reports and making recommendations to the client w.r.t their organization structure, business risk, business models etc. The general hierarchy is Analyst, Associate, Vice President, Senior Vice President/Director & Managing Director.

Education & Qualification  : MBA – Finance graduates from premier b-schools such as IIMs, XLRI etc or Chartered Accountant or Cost Accountant or PhD in Economics with postgraduate qualification in capital markets or finance/financial planning and relevant industry experience

Salaries : For Freshers from premier b-schools: INR 9-12 LPA.For professionals with 5-6 years of experience: INR 20 Lac to 1 crore per annum depending on the company and region.

Top Employers : JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Deutsche Bank and HSBC

 Investment Banking Career Profiles


Lawyers are held in high esteem and respect in Indian society even in historic times. Do you know most of our freedom fighters, even Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer?

Job Description – A lawyer provides counseling services to his clients on legal matters. There are different areas of specialization such as civil law, criminal law, corporate law, international law, labor law, taxation law etc. The client of a lawyer could be an individual or a company. They prepare the legal documents for the client, advise on any conflict or issue, suggest the legal course of action and represent the client in court and tribunal proceedings. One can work in government services through Indian Legal Services or State Legal Service as a magistrate or sub-magistrate, public defenders/public prosecutors, legal advisors, defense services, advocate, solicitor, teacher, writer or company secretary.

Education & Qualification :2-year post-graduation course in law or 5-year course after Class XII leading to BA LLB Enrolled with respective State Bar Council.

Salaries:  Those working in private companies or law firms are paid high fresher’s salaries, anything between INR 6-10 lac per annum.

Top Employers – AZB & Partners, Khaitan & Co, Amarchand Mangaldas, Luthra & Luthra, Wadia Ghandy Co, Bharucha & Partners, among many others.

Details about a Career in Cyber Law



Aviation is emerging as a fast growing sector. Though there are a lot of career options available in aviation industry but the most lucrative ones are commercial pilot and air hostess/flight steward.

Job Description :  Commercial Pilots have to conduct and navigate the aircraft for the transport of either cargo or passenger. Apart from this there are sea of other duties and tasks they have to perform such as  checking the proper functioning of flight systems before takeoff, choosing routes/altitudes/speed, coordinating with ground crew and control towers for flight activities etc.Air Hostesses/Flight Attendants are responsible for taking care of the passengers in the flight. Before passengers board the flight, they have to confirm the emergency equipment as well as appropriate supply of beverages, snacks, blankets and pillows. When the passengers board the flight, they check the tickets and assist them with seating. They inform the passengers about the in-flight safety rules and regulations.

Education & Qualification:  Commercial Pilots – Those with 10+2 in maths and science background are eligible. There are 3 stages to become a commercial pilot. First, obtain a Student Pilot License (SPL) by registering at a flying club recognized by DGCA. There is an oral examination in various subjects like air regulation, air navigation etc to qualify a person for the SPL. The next step is to register for the Private Pilot License (PPL) training and then qualify the exam to obtain PPL. Third and final step is to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) which requires 250 hours of flying, passing a medical fitness test and an examination based on aviation subjects. Air Hostesses/Flight Attendants – 10+2 students with a diploma in hotel management or tourism management are eligible to undergo the airhostess training program. Maximum age limit is 25 years for females and 26 years for males. Minimum Height is 157.5 cm for females and 163cm for males.

Salaries: For commercial pilot in domestic airlines the starting salary is close to INR 1.0 to 3.0 lacs per month. Experienced pilots on international routes get around INR 5-7 lacs per month.

For air hostess/flight stewards in India airlines, the starting salary is around INR 18,000 to 30,000. It goes up to INR 70,000-80,000 with the increase in experience. In International airlines, the salaries are as high as INR 3-5 LPA.

Top Employers: Domestic Airlines; Jet Airways, Spice Jet and Indigo. International Airlines – American airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates, United Airlines and Continental Airlines

 Highest Paying Jobs in Aviation Sector



CA form part of all businesses irrespective of industry, size and revenue. It is a challenging and rewarding career option.  Job Description – A CA work involves managing the financial documentation of an organization as well as accounting, taxation, financial planning and auditing. A high-end job that has to ensure compliance with the country’s law and regulations.

Education & Qualification – To become a CA one has to qualify three level of examination by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) – Common Proficiency Test (CPT), Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) and CA Final. After clearing IPCC the candidate has to register for Articleship for a period of 3 years with an experienced CA as per the specifications. In order to practice as a CA, one has to obtain a Certificate of Practice from the ICAI.

Salaries: For CA Inter: Between INR 8,000 to INR 15,000 per month. For CA Final: starting salaries between INR 20,000 to 35,000 per month. CA with an experience of 5 years can expect between INR 75,000 to 1 lac per month.

Top Employers: Ciena Pvt Ltd, Orient Craft Ltd, Bharti AXA GI Ltd and Motilal Oswal Pvt Equity Advisors Pvt Ltd.

  All About Chartered Accountant  Careers


Merchant Navy is an attractive career option for those who want to seek adventure, explore the world and at the same time gets paid handsomely.

Job Description– The person works with shipping companies on contractual basis for a period of 6-9 months. The candidates are employed in three departments in the ship –Deck officers which include the captain, chief officer, second officer, third officer and other junior officers;Engine department which includes chief engineer, second engineer, third engineer, fourth engineer, electrical officer and junior engineers.Service Department which manages kitchen, laundry and other services.

Education & Qualification:  10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, 3-year Degree in Nautical Science,or 4-year Degree in Marine Engineering,or 2-year course for Diploma Holders and 1-year course for Graduate Mechanical Engineers.Ship training course are available in institutes like T.S. Chanakya Institute (Mumbai), Academy of Maritime Training (Chennai) etc

Salaries: The starting salary for an officer is between INR 35,000 to 50,000 per month.As the experience increase or with promotion it goes up to INR 4-5 lacs per month for domestic shipping companies and INR 8-10 lacs per month for international shipping companies.Another important thing here is that there are lot of benefits and perks on ship plus the salary is totally tax-free and can be saved fully.

Top Employers – UPS, Chevron, FedEx and Denholm of UK



In our society, medical professionals have always been looked with great respect and admiration. Now with the increasing lifestyle-related ailments, there has been a tremendous demand for the doctors and allied professionals. With lot of private players entering the healthcare market, the medical professionals are earning handsome pay packages

Job Description : Doctors are responsible for diagnosing patients using examinations and test. Prescribe medicines and treatments to cure the ailment or illness. They work as General Physician or General Surgeon or Specialist as Anaesthetist, neurologist, pediatrician, pathologist, cardiologist etc. They can find employment in government or private hospitals, defense services, medical colleges as teachers and research institutes as researchers

Education & Qualification: MBBS degree or 3-year Postgraduate degree in MD or MS with specialization in medicine or surgery

MBA in Health and Hospital Administration

Salaries: The starting salaries are INR 15,000-20,000 for those with MBBS degree. Surgeons and specialist earn higher salaries somewhere between INR 60,000 – 70,000 per month.Those involved in hospital administration draw still higher packages to the tune of INR 12-14 LPA

Top Employers: Apollo, Fortis, Memorial Hospitals, AIIMS (New Delhi) and Lilavati Hospital (Mumbai)


SAP consultants have bright job prospects with many organizations using SAP platform for their business management.

Job Description – A SAP functional consultant is responsible for facilitating selection, implementation and support of specific SAP module to ensure a smooth integration of SAP technology into client’s business function. An SAP technical consultant is an expert in IT and is responsible for assisting in configuration of the SAP installation by design of the interfaces, customizations and data migration.

Education & Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field.SAP certification.Domain knowledge and expertise

Salaries :     For freshers, the starting salary is INR 2.5-3.5 LPA,  For more experienced professionals salaries goes as high as INR 12-15 LPA with good international onsite opportunities

Top Employers : IBM, Capgemini, Infosys, Accenture and HCL Technologies



Just like there is a growing demand for petroleum, the professionals in this field are also much sought-after in India and abroad.

Job Description:  A petroleum engineer works in the upstream sector of petroleum industry. This work role is associated with the exploration, production and exploitation of oil and natural gas. There are three types of petroleum engineers based on their job roles: Reservoir engineers who monitor the geological formation for the best strategic method of extraction. Drilling engineers who generate computer simulated models of the drilling formation and equipment to ensure the use of the best tools for the most effective method of extraction.Production engineers who manage the interface between drilling and extraction by managing machinery and production costs

Education & Qualification: B.E/B.Tech in Chemical or Petroleum Engineering. M.Tech in Petroleum Engineering with specialization in geology of petroleum, exploration & development of oil & gas field, reservoir engineering, drilling technology or production engineering etc.High emphasis is placed on academic excellence

Salaries: For freshers from good institutes the starting salary is between INR 30,000 to 40,000 per month.For more experienced professionals the median salaries range from INR 7-9 LPA for Indian companies and INR 20-30 LPA for foreign MNCs

Top Employers : ONGC, Reliance Industries, British Gas, Shell, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Bharat Petroleum and Essar Oil

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  • Sagar pandey

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