Looking for Govt. IT jobs in India?

With the recession still brewing under the sea of occupations, the security that comes with jobs is fast fading out.

Looking for Govt. IT jobs in  India - 100Careers.com

Looking for Govt. IT jobs in India – 100Careers.com

The stability has become the primary concern for many people. This stability seems to be provided by Govt job or sarkaari naukri, as private companies appears to be going through more turbulent scenario. In the Information Technology sector, majority of the private sector companies are directly dependent on the US market. It is the work load in the US which gets outsourced to the Indian soil and hence our countrymen fill their accounts with green economy. With the disturbances in the US economic scene, Indian private sectors are going through similar waves. The turbulence there is directly felt here. This is the reason why job security has become a major concern in the budding IT professionals.

However, landing a job in the government office is not as simple as it may sound. Due to the merging crowd eyeing their attention in this sector, competition has become cut throat. It is important for every aspirant to be proactive and prepare themselves so that they have an edge over the others on the same boat.


Selection Process of Govt. IT jobs in India

Majority of the IT jobs in Govt of India have a written examination. This is the first step for short listing. Hence, it is important that the applicants sitting for the examination are well prepared and possess in depth knowledge on the subject itself. It is only when one gets short listed post the written entrance examination that the candidate is finally called fro a face to face interview round.

Individual applying for a job in the IT sector must necessarily have a bachelor’s degree in the same field with good percentage at least first class. This will ensure the recruiters that the individuals aspiring for a job in the sector are qualified enough to perform the tasks.


Some of the companies where one can apply for the Govt. jobs include:

Although all these are not IT companies per say, yet there are departments catering to Information Technology and software engineering where specialists in the field are mandatory .

1. ONGC.


2. ISRO.


3. Indian Railway.


4. Indian Army.


5. DRDO.


6. SAIL.


7. As a programmer in many governments fields.


8. NIC.


9. Airport authority of India.


10. NTPC.


11. IISER.


12. Defense field.


13. Banking field.


14. BHEL.


15. BEL.


16. NHPC.


17. IOL.


18. CDAC.


19. IOCL.


20. GAIL.


21. BSNL.

September 12, 2012