List of Highest Paid Jobs in Commerce

People who wish to opt for a flourishing career in the field of commerce have lots of job options to choose from.  The field offers studying of various subjects like accountancy, economics, business studies, entrepreneurship and mathematics (optional) among other subjects like English, Hindi and other regional languages.


Here we present  you the list of highest paying jobs in the field of commerce:


Chartered Accountants:

The job of a Chartered accountant entails work in different financial sectors such as tax management, banking, consultancy, auditing, cost-auditing. They must have the certified degree of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).  Almost all the big companies from public to private sector require a Chartered Accountant in their office/firm.  Some of top paying companies in the field include Banks, E&Y(Ernst and young),PWC and other big corporates. A fresh Chartered accountant is expected to get a salary between 5-7 lakhs per annum.  The salary is expected to increase with the increase in experience in the field.


Investment Bankers:

The career of an Investment banker involves dealing with clients to raise equity and debt capital for the benefit of the company. Investment bankers are equipped with the specialized knowledge of providing financial and corporate deals for the company.  As the investment banker progresses in his/her field, he/she can further become an analyst, associate,vice-president,director and lastly the managing director of the company.  The investment banker is expected to generate a salary of around 5-9 lakh per annum. The salary is dependent on the type of the company one is working for.



Stock Broker:

India has a huge market for stock companies. In such a booming industry, the job of a stock broker is highly demanded.  The career prospects offer room for many opportunities. However, in this field, prior experience gained in the market will only help you establish the road for success. Good knowledge of finance and stocks is always an added advantage.  The job of stock broker entails finding clients, preparing trade reports, researching and selling stocks to more profitable clients. Salary is dependent on the stocks sold. Varies according to the market price of the stock. But it is a highly paid work especially for those who have got a hang of the business.


Management Professionals:

A large number of B-schools offer degree in management courses. It is because the career in management studies has significant growth prospect. The leading companies recruit management professionals for various leading and training programmes. Annual packages can go as high as 10-15 Lakhs per annum. But it entirely dependent on the institute in which one has pursued the management degree. The leading companies will mostly recruit employees from ace management institutes. The avg. salary package in the field is around 7-10 lakhs per annum provided you are from good college.


Company Secretary :

The job of the CS(Company Secretary) requires the individual to deal with various aspects of management in relation to the company as an entity.  As a qualified secretary of the company, there are various jobs available in public as well as private sectors, financial institutions and banks.  On an average basis, a company secretary can get a salary between 3.00-6.00 Lakhs per annum. The salary is subjected to increase if the qualified CS has opted to work for a big company or has gained the proper experience in the field.

Details about a Career as Company Secretary

Apart from all these leading career prospects, one can also start his/her own business venture. It is always an added advantage to qualify from the field of commerce. The knowledge of economics, finance, accountancy will certainly help someone take rational choices in the running of a business entity. Not only that, the road to commerce is open to qualifications in higher studies such as Law, MBA, IAS examinations.  The knowledge of mathematics and accountancy will enable a child to grasp the knowledge quickly as opposed to those who are new to subjects like mathematics and accountancy. It takes years of hardwork to excel in such subjects and a commerce student who is already trained in these subjects will find it easy to accomplish and taste success in future.

June 15, 2014

  • Maths required for investment banker. It is necessary???? Please reply me.

  • Parul Verma

    commerce really have plenty of amazing career options. Now, no need to switch only on CA and CS 😉

    • Himani Sangani

      can u tell me what other career i can persue because my parents wants me to do CA but i dont want to do CA or CS please suggest something

  • chakreview

    Charted Accountant and Investment Bankers are this hot jobs in this field. Thanks for sharing