Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

Government jobs in India are considered to be an accomplishment. There are various reasons why people apply for government jobs. The salary scale in these jobs is pretty good to start a job with plus government employees get additional benefits such as pension after the retirement, medical leaves, and six-month long pregnancy break unlike in private jobs. Moreover, in government jobs, people tend to have job

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India - 100Careers.com

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India – 100Careers.com

safety and stability as government doesn’t terminate people from their jobs in the times of recession. However, in private jobs it has been noticed frequently that people are kicked out of their job if the company loses its clients or at times of recession.

If you are a government job aspirant, then here we bring a review of some of the highest paying government jobs in India to help you in making your dream come true.


Indian Administrative Services

The Indian Administrative services sector offers job for which many students apply every year. To enter this field, candidates have to clear the IAS exam. Although the examination is a bit tough but proper coaching and studies can help anyone in cracking the examination. The salary package in case of an IAS officer is good, apart from the additional benefits. The level of this job is also something for which many candidates are looking.

Indian civil services

The Indian civil service examinations are considered to be the toughest examinations to crack but the pay package is definitely worth the hard work. People who pass the Indian civil service exam can enter for jobs in the income tax, forest department, revenue department and administrative services. Passing of this examination not only gives a highly paid job and perks, but also a reputable name. A graduate can be eligible for applying for the entrance test.


PSU – Public Sector Units

The public service units hire qualified candidates with a graduation from a reputed college. When talking about the salary bar for this job, it definitely comes with salary in the higher bracket. Many PSUs such as BEL i.e. Bharat Electronics Limited and the Steel Authority of India are those which employ the candidates. Apart from the regular salary, employees in the PSU also enjoy a lot of perks and security benefits.


Indian Foreign Service

The Indian foreign services or the IFS officer is a dignified job not only involving a fat pay package but also ensures the person visiting different countries of the world. If someone loves travelling, this can be the best job for him or her. An IFS officer is an officer of higher rank and enjoys a lot of perks. This is considered as the best government jobs in India.


Government Banking Services

The government banking sector in India is something for which many youngsters fill their forms every year. This job requires a qualification of a graduate degree in any subject along with computer literacy. People who are applying for clerical level in the bank jobs require only a 12th pass certificate. Above that, a graduate degree is a must for positions like probationary officer. The salary scale for a clerical level person starts from INR 15,000 and goes up to INR 18,000. In case of a probationary officer, the salary starts from INR 24,000 – 25,000. The PO officers also get some added benefits with this job such as concessions on their travelling trips and various other emoluments.


Defence jobs in India

The defence jobs in India are something for which many candidates apply each year i.e. in the Indian Army or the Indian Navy. The jobs in the Indian army or navy are something of great prestige. The candidates not only enjoy good salary but also additional perks and benefits. To enter the field of Indian Army, candidates have to pass the NDA test. A career in defence requires the candidate to be a graduate.


Government university lecturer job

Considered to be the most respected, highly paid and satisfactory job for women is the lecturer job. For this job, one needs to apply for the UGC – NET examination and a master’s degree or a post graduate is a must to qualify for the job. The timings for this job are quite comfortable and also the job is a reputable one. For women, lecturer jobs in India are considered the best.

Indian Railways

Job in the Indian railways is a good job in the government sector. The best part is that candidates who are diploma holders, graduate or even class 12 pass can apply for a job in the railways. The salary package obviously varies with the level for which you are applying in the job. This also depends on the qualification. Candidates with higher qualification can apply for a better level job. The RRB i.e. the Railway Recruitment Board has to be cleared for passing the entrance in railways.

The above mentioned government jobs in India are best as far as salary is concerned  and aspirants of such jobs must keep themselves abreast with information regarding their entrance forms and tests. You may check the application dates of various government jobs online on various education and job portal sites as well as can keep a check on newspapers.

May 25, 2014

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  • Parul Verma

    What is the current in-hand salary of a RBI Grade B officer (Manager) after pay revision and 7th PC? Is it still the highest paying government job?

    • Dhaval parikh

      In-hand salary of RBI Grade-B Officer is 13 lac per annum, its not related to 7th pay commission because it has settled separate mechanism.
      There is no comparison between Public or Private sector jobs, its your own choice, make it smartly.

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