Highest Paid Jobs in Science Field in India

The real task for students start right after they finish their education. It’s procuring a good job. With Science being considered one of the best option to build a career. Courses like Engineering, Medicine attract lakhs of students every year. Both Engineering and Medicine are wide fields with no. of their branches offering plethora of career options such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer Engineering under ‘Engineering Courses’ and Nursing, Pharmacy, Doctors under ‘Nursing Courses’. Many of these jobs pay well and are a craze among Indian youth. If you are among those who desire to build a flourishing career in Science, you must know the highest jobs in this field in India. Here’s a list of such jobs:


There’s a reason why parents dream their kids will grow up to be doctors. The profession consistently pays off really well. Though the study of medicine is not everyone’s cup of tea but the salary that it offers is nothing less than handsome. It also provides a secure future as medical care is something people would need at some point or the other in their lives. This profession can be seen as recession-proof as health care is always a necessity. Doctors are at the heart of the health care system thus they dominate our list of the top highest paying science jobs. Salaries vary widely based on location, years of experience, and other factors. But in comparison to other medicine jobs such as nursing they earn really well. Ranging from a surgeon to an anaesthetist to a gynaecologist to a dentist, they earn in lakhs per annum. With more popularity, comes more respect as well as more money. It’s a respectable jobs with number of added advantages. On an average, a doctor can make approximately between 10-20 lakhs per annum.



With IITs considered a temple for all engineering aspirants and lakhs of them enrolling into coaching classes to get an entrance pass to a prestigious engineering college, we can very well judge how crazy we Indians are about engineering. There are whole lots of government and private institutes that offer a variety of specializations in this field like Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Electrical engineering, Petroleum Engineering among others. The lucky ones who get through IITs, NITs, IIITs, DCE and many other well-known engineering colleges get really good placements in their respective industries with various national and international companies. A recent report by India Today, says that the highest package that IITians received last year from international companies was $2,10,000 per annum whereas a domestic player offered highest pay package of Rs. 48,68,000 per annum to a student of IIT-Madras.  Jobs with such whooping salary package do not only assure financial security but promises a better career growth as well. This is the reason why every science student aspire to study engineering from a highly-esteemed college.

Bio-technologists (Biotechnology )

Jobs in the field of Biotechnology also pay really well. At its simplest, biotechnology is a technology based on biology. Biotechnology harnesses cellular and bio molecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and our environment. It’s relatively a new subject for Indian students thus has a lot curiosity about it. After multimedia industry, it is biotechnology which is growing tremendously and have many employment opportunities.Bio-technologists build their careers in pharmaceutical companies, chemical industry, agriculture and allied industries. Biocon, based in Bangalore, it is one of the most well-known biotech companies in India. A fresher who gets employed or in a private firm reportedly gets around Rs. 40-50k per month whereas those who get government placements as scientists get a package between 15-40k . The salary multiplies as soon as a candidate starts growing in his chosen field.

Teachers (Professors/Lecturers)

With growing number of institutes, various branches of engineering and an urgent need for quality teachers, science offers a promising career in teaching/lectureship. The central universities in India pay around Rs. 1, 50,000 per month to the permanent professors with PhD whereas those with M.tech gets around Rs. 40-75k per month. With experience, the salary increases by leaps and bounds. Also, teaching is one of the most respectable profession and secure too and thus it’s hard to measure what it gives to a teacher other than the attractive pay.

Apart from the above jotted highest-paying science jobs, scientists and researchers do receive a good pay. Forensic research science and natural science are two fields that pay handsomely. However, it is hard to come to an average amount that scientist or researchers take home. It is because the income varies a lot from a particular field of research to other. Other factors that affect their income is experience in the field of research, area of interest, educational qualifications, and their employer company.

July 28, 2014

  • Mudit

    In medical field , doctors earn pretty good in private/gov sectors. Even some doctors manage to rake more than 20 lac per month.

  • Rahul Singh

    science is a great field