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Tata Consultancy Service Ltd, popularly known as TCS has emerged as India’s Best Company to work for in the Business Today-Indicus Analytics annual survey for 2012. It is part of well known Tata Group and into providing IT services, business and outsourcing solutions. Currently the company has 2, 26, 000 employees spanning 103 nationalities across the globe.  TCS enjoys lowest attrition rate, which is largely attributed to its strong employee connect initiatives. Nearly 70% of its total cost is incurred on people. This article focuses on the hiring process as well as the people-centric working culture of TCS to provide information to all those aspiring for making their careers in TCS.

Career at TCS:   TCS recruits talents at both entry and experience levels. Freshers are hired through campus placements while experienced professionals are hired as laterals throughout the year on need basis. Off-campus recruitments are also conducted for freshers for any additional requirements.

Qualifications: It depends on the position and role for which hiring is done. At the entry level, TCS recruits engineering graduates and post graduates in computer science and engineering fields. Experienced professionals or laterals should be engineering graduates or postgraduates if recruited for technical roles, or management postgraduates if recruited for business or sales roles. TCS also recruit functional experts for specific practices; for example, the healthcare practice recruits doctors as functional experts, or the financial services practice hires bankers and other finance professionals for their domain knowledge

Selection process: For trainees and persons with less than two years of experience, TCS conducts written tests, technical and management interviews. For laterals, TCS do not have written tests. The process includes short listing based on certain eligibility criteria pertaining to the students’ academic track record and domain/ specializations, aptitude test and a two-tier competency-based interview. In management institutes, TCS replaces the aptitude tests with group discussions. The attributes TCS typically look at include technical excellence, professionalism, good communication skills, willingness to work beyond boundaries and the inclination to teamwork.


WORKING CULTURE AT TCS:  TCS value proposition to employees is for an aspiration-based career with lot of employee engagement initiatives undertaken with an eye on happiness and growth, both personal and professional, for its employees. The HR model of TCS is based on the objective of – alignment, assignment, engagement, empowerment and pride of workforce. Some of its key workplace practices that defines the work culture of the organization are as follows:

Compensation & Benefits :  TCS offers competitive pay as per the market standards. The salary figures are arrived at by a highly effective economic value added (EVA) model, which is first of its kind to be adopted in India.  It forms the basis for measuring performance and bonus, and is adopted at the enterprise and department level. TCS is a good pay master.  The freshers draw a trainee salary to the tune of INR 1.8 – 2.5 LPA. The salary for an assistant software engineer ranges from INR 3-5 LPA as per the years of experience. The compensation is regularly benchmarked according to the industry standards. It continuously revisit its C&B strategy by conducting an annual survey called ‘Pulse’, which goes across the globe and supports 4-5 languages and these inputs are collected to analyze for employee-friendly pay packages/structures. In addition to the remuneration, TCS also offers additional perks such as canteen facilities with subsidized meals, health insurance for self and family at subsidized rates, office transport at most of the locations, gyms and recreational/sports facilities, holiday homes across India and leave-without-pay (like a sabbatical) for pursuing higher studies or joining spouse overseas and part-time/work-from-home facility.

Reward & Recognition Program TCS has an interesting blend of monetary and non-monetary benefits. The management appreciates the performance of its employees through various initiatives/activities such as on-the-spot recognition (SPOTLIGHT), star of the month, super stars for achievers, customer first reward and valuable award, Long Service Award (for 5 and 10 years of service). There is an R&R committee at circle and corporate level which decides who should get the reward.

Work-Life Balance TCS provides its employees’ opportunities for holistic development with meeting their aspiration at one hand and participating in fun activities, at other hand. One of the popular initiatives is ‘Maitree’ which actively promotes a series of scheduled fun and cultural events and activities, and also keenly promotes community development projects. There are clubs for trekking, music, dance, photography, quiz, etc. It also provides opportunities to participate in various social or community development initiatives that gives meaning to life. It helps to create professionals with global mindset.

Freedom to work across domains TCS offers its employees careers across five streams i.e. sales, delivery, practice, technology, corporate roles and specialists in nearly four areas – Engineering & Manufacturing, Infrastructure Services, BPO, IT services, and Global Consulting. It promotes cross-domain experience by providing opportunities to work on projects across diverse industries and technological fields. This helps one to enjoy a versatile career path.

Global Opportunities As a global company, TCS has close to 169 offices in 35 countries with operations across APAC, Middle East, Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa. It extends ample opportunities to its employees to work in different markets and geographies by providing international assignments. This helps to attract and retain valuable talent.

Leaning & Development Capabilities TCS place high importance on training its workforce. It invests about 4% of its annual revenue in training its workforce. It has established a TCS Learning and Development Centre which offers Initial Learning Program (ILP) to train new recruits into serious professionals. It is like a university campus and has been providing trainee to campus recruits since 1998. There are several other programs run by TCS such as leadership development program to churn out the future leaders for the company, foreign language initiatives to help associates to communicate effectively with the customers and continuous workplace learning through eLearning Portal hosting online courses and books.

The distinctive selection process as well as employee friendly policies have built a strong employer brand for TCS.

October 21, 2012

  • Mohit

    I have not experience any career growth and even though you perform you will always have to prove in various ways.
    Work pressure can be managed mostly.
    Salary reduces based on your rating, difficult to grow, no exposure to latest technology

  • Latika

    Working with TCS was good in terms of work and off work. Company provides job security as well as desired benefits to the employees. Management is tough to digest especially when it comes in shifting a project based on your desires. As an overall work is good in its on way , the client and co workers are well supportive.

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