Career and Work Culture at Google!

This year again Google Inc tops the chart of ‘India’s Best Companies to Work for’ Study conducted by The Economic Times and Great Place to Work Institute, India. There is something unique about this organization that makes it a dream destination for many job seekers as well as produces a halo effect on its current workforce. It was founded in 1998 by two computer wizards, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in California (US).

Google believes in hiring the right person and then giving them the right resources to deliver results. The various people-related policies and practices at Google show respect and appreciation towards the efforts of its workforce. This articles aims to focus on these two aspects at Google Inc – career and work culture.

Various employee-friendly HRM policies of Google paint it as an attractive career option.  Let us look at some of these in greater details,

  • Google follows a simple 3-step Hiring Process, including, conversation with recruiter, telephonic interview and face-to-face interview at one of the nearest facility. Candidate is judged largely on 3-4 parameters including – leadership & team skills, functional knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. Google look for smart, adaptive people who can be themselves.
  • Google also lays high focus on the long term learning and growth of its employees. For example it has a unique development program called Online Media Associate Program which provides opportunities to build expertise in different areas like advertising, consulting, technical and business development. Google gives its employees good path for career development and mobility in various roles for their overall development.


  • Google is considered as one of best pay masters. It pays 38% higher salaries compared to the other similar companies in the market. Within the company, software engineer, research scientist and product manager are some of the high paying profiles. It allows its employees to individually tailor/customize their compensation package by choosing from a vast array of components. This is based on the philosophy ‘no one size fits all’. It also pays hefty bonuses to reward good performance.
  • Google offers world-class facilities to its employees right from gourmet food, fitness centers, massage centers, yoga classes, in-house doctor, swimming, spa and the list goes on! They call their offices as campus which is actually fun-filled and colorful.

Filled with entrepreneurial spirit and child-like enthusiasm, it still maintains a start-up work culture. Following are some of the distinctive features of Google’s work culture.


  1. Don’t be Evil is an informal motto of Google. This is one of the pillars that have come to define the ethical standards of Google. It recognizes that even in the face of tough competition and profit-maximization Google respects the best interests of all its stakeholders.
  2. Open & Relaxed – Google gives its employees freedom to express their thoughts, opinions, agreements and even disagreements anywhere and at anytime. There is informal dress code, people address each other on the first name basis and the facilities are colorful depicting fun at work
  3. Diversity & Inclusion – Google sensitize its employees to its diverse workforce across locations. Various initiatives are undertaken to increase employee sensitivity and awareness of differences across genders, cultures, and sexual orientation. One such initiative was ‘The 6th Sense’ which brought together around 750 Googlers across India
  4. Empowerment & Out-of-the-Box Thinking – Google has a policy called “Twenty percent” time. This encourages Google engineers to spend 20 percent (20%) of their work time on projects that interest them. Some of Google’s newer services,originated from these independent endeavors.
  5. Flat Organization Hierarchy – Google has a seamless organization structure with minimal red tape and bureaucracy. It has a matrix structure with more cross-functional teams

This combination of an unconventional work culture coupled with congenial HR policies has made Google enjoy strong brand equity in the job market.

September 27, 2012

  • Anjali

    Thanks fort sharing, Google is a dream company for anyone out there for job..