How to crack IIT JEE?

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the most prestigious educational institution in India for science and technology studies. IIT offers world-class education and the degrees provided by this institution are acclaimed across the world.  In India, there are 16 IIT colleges but countless aspirants vie in the admission test every year which has set the competition level too high. Studying the general course of Higher Secondary Examination is not enough to crack IIT JEE. In order to score well in IIT, one should understand the format, course and structure of the examination properly. These days, numerous private coaching centers offer specialized training for IIT-JEE exam.  If you too are an average Indian student with that much coveted IIT-dream in your eyes,

Here are the tips on how to crack IIT JEE:

  • Thorough Study:

To start your IIT JEE preparation, study the basic course (which is almost similar to the HS or 10+2 board exam) thoroughly. Certainly your knowledge should include far more than the general course studies, but without a strong foundation you can never understand the nitty-gritty of a subject. Basically, for cracking IIT JEE, a student must have clear and detailed understanding of all the subjects for which he/she has to appear in the examination.

  • Choosing Correct Books:

    The IIT JEE aspirants are often aware of the fact that going through the text books is no way sufficient to crack the questions. IIT-JEE questions are known for their complexity. In order to solve them correctly, you should have in-depth knowledge in the subject matter which comes from understanding the concepts properly. A brief overview on the subjects will not help in this examination. Hence choose and read as many reference books as possible in order to expand your knowledge base.

  • Seeking Coaching Assistance:

    These days, most of the students prefer to seek coaching assistance from eminent training institutions that are dedicated for IIT-JEE preparation. Generally these coaching centers provide preparation assistance in two different formats- either the students can opt for classroom coaching which is as good as attending a school regularly; or they can join for examination preparations. During classroom coaching, students are helped with course materials and they are also coached especially on all IIT-JEE subjects. In the latter option, students come down to the coaching center and appear for preparatory examinations on regular basis which gives them a feel of the actual examination ambience. Make sure you seek admission to a suitable preparatory program at the earliest. Because the more delay you make in taking the correct decision, the worse it is for your career.

  • Study at Home:

    The common mistake that almost all IIT-JEE aspirants commit is that, they take admission to coaching centers and also enroll for private tuition classes of eminent tutors which consume most of their free time. After all these coaching classes, once again they have to go to school for the Higher Secondary studies. Thus they come home completely drained out and are not able to dedicate ample time in home studies. But without studying at home, students are not able to assimilate the knowledge which puts all their effort and hard work in vain. In order to crack IIT JEE, make sure you find yourself ample time to study at home.


Apart from the above core suggestions here are few important Tips to crack IIT JEE examination:

  • Divide your time carefully for studies of board examination and IIT-JEE. Time management plays an important role in your success.
  • Try to keep the syllabus handy; take a look at it before you prepare for any particular topic.
  • Make sure to take at least one test on all IIT subjects every week. It will boost your self-confidence and help you solve more questions in less time.
  • Practice and solve the IIT-JEE question papers of the previous years to get the real feel of the exam.
  • Revise your studies frequently so that you remain up-to-date all the time.
  • Focus on conceptual knowledge, rather than bookish comprehension.
  • Last but not the least, practice some meditation or deep breathing exercises on regular basis to increase your self-control and attention.

These are some suggestions on how to crack IIT JEE. Apart from following these tops, make sure to have confidence in yourself and put in hard work to get desired results.

October 22, 2011