How to make a Career in Journalism ?

Three most important qualities to pursue career in journalism are as follows:

  • Outstanding Communication skills: The main responsibility of a Journalist is to cover a news item and narrate it to the masses; in short they are the only source of information for common people.  Evidently extraordinary communication skills are an asset for any journalist. He/she should be able to represent the crudest facts of life in an understandable and logical manner so that audiences can connect with the news.
  • Immaculate writing abilities: It is a journalist’s job to write down the news in an interesting and engrossing manner to keep the readers absorbed in a particular news article. Profound knowledge of language, grammar and punctuation is essential for a journalist.
  • Unbiased approach: As a journalist one should make sure not to hurt the sentiments of any community and religious or non religious cults. Sometimes a journalist may have to make harsh statements to narrate sensitive issues. But even then he or she is expected to choose the words carefully.

Now the first question that crosses your mind is how to start a career in journalism. Well in order to explore the multiple career opportunities in journalism you should hold relevant expertise and have a clear focus on what your objective is. As journalism offers plenty of functional areas for people with varying expertise, one should choose one or two to focus on.

Many reputed universities offer courses specifically designed for aspiring journalists. You can pursue bachelor studies in Journalism and Mass Communication. In case you have studied English or Arts for bachelor’s, then get a Post Graduation Diploma or Degree in Journalism. Specialization in editing, Photography, Creative Writing, News reporting are other qualifications that make you eligible for career in Journalism.

Finally grooming and projecting your personality is the best way to crack the best paying jobs in journalism.  Proper body language, sense of humor, and vast general knowledge are qualities that give you an edge over contenders. To hone your skills and accumulate some hands on experience in this field, start practicing as a freelance journalist for the TV or local newspaper media. Keep yourself updated with the latest information on Careers and Education.

October 1, 2011

  • Pranjal

    Can we do mass media after 12th by humanity stream?

  • Pragaya

    Should I do degree in journalism, a postgraduate course in journalism or a shorter course?