D.U.(Delhi University) Career options : The complete list

The University of Delhi is one of the top universities in the country. The university, which is a public central university, is wholly funded by the government of India. The university offers a vast variety of courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

AN INTRODUCTION:  The University of Delhi was established in 1922 as a teaching and residential university.The university has over 86 academic departments and about 2,60,000 students are enrolled in the non-formal education.The departments of sociology, history, zoology, geology and chemistry have been awarded the status of ‘Centres of Advanced Studies’. Over the last seven decades, the university had grown to be one of the finest in the country.

D.U.(Delhi University) Career options  - 100Careers.com

D.U.(Delhi University) Career options – 100Careers.com

The campus

The Delhi University has two main campuses; the North campus and the South campus. About 85 colleges in the state are affiliated to the university. The following is a brief about the two campuses.

There are around 85 departments in the north campus. The campus has 9 colleges which are distributed over two departments, namely, arts & science, and law.  Moving to the South campus, postgraduate programmes in the departments of Arts and Social Sciences were started in 1973. The south campus is very well known for its excellence and expertise the field of life sciences like Genetics, Microbiology and Biochemistry.


–      Commerce and Business Studies

The career prospects in this area mostly consist of national and multinational banks. Commerce is a well sought after course in the area of business administration too. An MBA degree might fetch one better opportunities, since commerce plus MBA is mostly a win-win combination.

–      Engineering and technology

This is the most common course opted in the country. In fact, people who had graduated with a degree in engineering and technology are said to have the nation’s best jobs. The job prospects range from software technology to automobiles, health sciences to architecture and civil engineering, and information technology to communications engineering. The jobs in this field are one of our country’s most popular, with attractive pay scales.


–      Cluster Innovation Centre

This faculty creates job opportunities mostly in the field of IT. There are career openings even for the posts of research scientists and professors in various colleges and universities.


–      Law

Law and order are very much essential for the society to be disciplined and in harmony. The career opportunities and the pay, both are constantly on the rise.

–      Management studies

There are multiple job opportunities both in the public as well as private sectors. Corporate houses, banks, industries and financial institutions are the prime recruiters of people who have done management studies.

–      Mathematical sciences

Statistical areas, research, teaching, trade and commerce are some of the areas where one can get a job after doing a course in mathematical sciences. Even government establishments and the fields of teaching are in constant search for graduates of this course.

–      Medical sciences

Medical sciences are helpful for students to pursue their careers as successful doctors and medical practitioners. There are many various areas where one can specialize. The career opportunities are always on high demand as the society needs doctors very much.

–      Music and fine arts

Fine arts can be broadly classified into music, dance, drama, painting, and design. In the recent times, these traditional art forms have transformed into lucrative professions with the growth of consumerism. There is a lot of scope of young and new talent in these fields.

–      Science

The field of pure science comes under this category. Pure science is vast and generally deals with diverse and deep topics. A few examples include astronomy, genetics, microbiology, space science etc. The job opportunities in this field mostly include research and developments in the area of practical applications.

–      Homeopathic medicine

In the present scenario, homeopathic doctors are in high demand for diseases that where allopathic medicines are not successful in curing. A few merits of a career in homeopathy are that the profession can be taken up either on a part time or a full time basis, depending upon the person’s comfort and possibility.


–      Social science

This course includes the fields related to the society and country. People seeking to get into civil services, politics, public administration, social work, geology etc. can be highly benefitted by this course.


–      Applied social sciences and Humanities

This department of provides courses in the field of banking and stock markets. It also deals with taxes, international trade and analysis of various social institutions to understand the economy of a particular area.

–      Arts

The major departments in this field are literature and languages. This faculty might provide career opportunities in the field of linguistics, and also in several newspapers and magazines.

–      Ayurvedic medicine

Various career opportunities are available in the field of medicine. One can set up their own ayurvedic clinics or hospitals, as ayurveda is still a popular form of medicine in India, and also around the world.


Delhi University is one of the top universities in India. The university was ranked 401 in the QS World University Rankings of 2012 and 78 in the QS Asian University Rankings. It was also ranked by ‘India Today’ in the top 50 universities in India.

May 5, 2013

  • Mridul Pokhriyal

    Best colleges for Writing,music or Acting in DU for boys

  • Isha Thappar

    Which is the best BJMC college under DU?

    • Latika

      Dear Isha, best colleges under DU for Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication are:
      1. Lady Shri Ram College for Women
      2. I.P. College for Women
      3. Kamala Nehru College
      4. Maharaja Agrasen College
      these are useful for you.Thanks

  • Parul Verma

    I have been looking at DU’s cutoffs which sometimes evolve even more than 100% making the aspirant students tremble with fear of loosing the chance to admit in campus college.
    the top colleges like Hindu college, Stephens and SRCC have the highest percentages. they seem even more tougher than appearing for IIT JEE.

  • ruchika

    Great list of career options you have listed here for DU. DU anyways has been getting lots of campus placements every year. Thanx for sharing.