Career as a Pilot: Salary, Qualifications and Jobs

There are many careers in the aviation industry that have been attracting the attention of the youth of this nation. One such appealing and lucrative career is that of a pilot. If you also wish to make a career as a pilot and need some information regarding the same, help is here. Discussed below are certain chief aspects of a career as a Pilot in India that you may find useful:

Career Profile of Pilot

The chief role of a pilot is to operate the engines and controls of the plane in order to fly and navigate the vessel. It is a part of their job to check the engine and hydraulic systems of the airplane prior to the take off. A Pilot also has to monitor the fuel consumption of the aircraft and its other systems during the flight. They have to stay in touch with Air Traffic Control Officer for safe take off, flight

Career as a Pilot Salary, Qualifications and Jobs -

Career as a Pilot Salary, Qualifications and Jobs –

and landing. A Pilot should be well capable of handling fatigue and jet lag. They must be able to deal with unfavorable weather conditions and other possible hazards. A pilot must have excellent depth perception, quick reaction time, strong communication skills, monitoring skills, problem solving skills and a great attention to detail.

Different Career Options for Pilots

The career options within the career of a Pilot are generally in terms of selecting whether to work as a commercial pilot or with the Indian Air Force. Both the options have their own attractive aspects. They are both challenging jobs and come with their own share of opportunities and prospects. The second option comes in terms of choosing to work with a government or private airline company.

Career Scope for Pilots

The scope of a career as a pilot is immense. The Aviation industry has recently witnessed a spurt in its growth that has led to a rise in the demand for pilots. There are numerous airlines hiring commercial pilots. It also brings the opportunity to travel all across the nation as well as aboard. It is quite a well-paying profession too. Career as a pilot holds a lot of potential for professional growth and development. Its future is bright.

Salary Range of Pilots

The salary earned by a professional working as a pilot tends to vary depending on certain factors, such as the qualification and work experience they have, the airlines they work with, whether they work in the private or public sector, etc. However, on an average, a Pilot in India receives a pay package of INR 10 to 50 Lacs per annum. With experience, the salary can go even higher. The job in government sector comes with additional allowances and perks.

Educational Qualification required to become Pilot

The profession of a pilot is very precise and requires special expertise. Thus, to make a career in this field, one needs to acquire education and training relevant to this career. After passing higher secondary school with Mathematics and Physics as major subjects, one can pursue a pilot training course with an accredited institute. Apart from the educational qualification, a budding pilot also needs to pass the national exam for obtaining commercial pilot’s license.

Best Colleges/ Institutes to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree

There are many reputed, well established educational institutes, academies and colleges in India that offer quality courses to those interested in making a career as a Pilot. Enlisted below are some of the institutes and academies you must consider for obtaining for qualification diploma degree:

  • Indian Aviation Academy
  • Government Aviation Training Institute
  • All India Institute of Aeronautics
  • Government Flying Training School
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy
  • Indira Gandhi RashtriyaUranAkademi
  • Jamshedpur Co-operative Flying Club Ltd.
  • West Bengal Flying Training Institute
  • Coimbatore Flying Club
  • Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics
December 30, 2015