Career as a Dentist: Scope, Salary & Education

There are so many career opportunities to look forward to in the medical science. Though most of the medical careers are challenging and expensive courses, they are also very high paying and satisfying jobs. They offer high level of job security too. One such career is in the field of Dentistry. If you also wish to pursue a career as a Dentist and need some essential information regarding the same, help is here. Discussed below are some of the important aspects of a career as a Dentist in India that you may find useful.

Career as a Dentist Scope, Salary & Education - 100Careers

Career as a Dentist Scope, Salary & Education – 100Careers

Career Profile

The chief job duty of a Dentist is to offer oral health services to their patients, adults as well as children. It can vary from, teeth cleansing, filling cavities, performing root canal surgery, placing dental implants, removal of teeth etc.The common dental program is of 4 years. The post-graduation requirements include residency. In order to practice, all dentists need to obtain a license. There is a certain skill set that is required in those who wish to become a dentist. These skills include excellence, precision, good bed side manner, organizational and managerial skills, interpersonal and communication skills, high concentration, etc.

Different Career Options

For those aspiring to make a career in the field of Dentistry will be happy to know that this career has a number of options within it. One can choose between different sub fields and specializations, such as Orthodontics, Dental medicine, Dental surgery, etc. One can also choose between working as a full time or locum doctor. There is a lot of potential in this career and perhaps, this is the reason why a lot of young, talented individuals are drawn to dentistry.

Career Scope as a Dentist

The scope of a career as a Dentist is quite immense. The professional has a lot to offer in terms of job prospects work opportunities, potential for career growth and development. One can move from being a Dental doctor to a Consultant Dental doctor as they progress in their career. There are so many openings in government and private hospitals. One can even consider opening their own dental clinic. You can either work as a full time employee with a hospital or consider taking up locum work. It is one of the most lucrative career.

Salary Range of Dentist (BDS)

The salary of a person working as a Dentist tends to vary depending on several factors, such astheir qualification and experience, their area of specialization, whether they work in the public or private sector, the region where they work, whether they work as a full time doctor or offer locum service, etc. However, on an average, a Dentist in India earns a salary package of INR 2.37 to 3 Lacs per year. The more experience you gain, the higher your pay scale will go up to 12 Lacs per year.

Educational Requirements

The field of Dentistry is very precise and requires education, training and skills relevant to it. Thus, if you wish to become a Dentist, you need to acquire (BDS)Bachelor’s degree in Dental Sciences. One can also consider higher qualifications such as doctoral degree in dental surgery or dental medicine. License is also very essential to acquire for practicing.

Best College to Obtain Qualification Dentist (BDS) Degree:

If you aspire to make a career as a dentist, then you should consider obtaining your qualification diploma degree from some of the finest educational institutes, academies and universities. Some of these have been enlisted as follows:

  • Joseph Dental College
  • Army College of Dental Sciences
  • Faculty of Dentistry, JamiaMilliaIslamia University
  • Maulana Azad Dental College
  • Government Dental College and Hospital
May 29, 2017